Hello and Happy New Year! It’s a new year – and I have a ton to share today. 2014 was an amazing year for me, even with its lows….I’m looking forward to what 2015 brings! Below I’ll share my top cards…then treats for you!

 Top Cards of 2014

It’s time for that traditional look-back….to see what was made last year, and what’s ahead for the next! I used THIS annual doc produced for me by WordPress to pick out some of the faves…(and of course the top five commenters on this blog who are listed on the report will get a card from me  – as is my tradition!)

I loved that the stats showed number of views vs number of comments….because that meant that my post about Ciara made it in the list, even though I turned comments off. That made me smile…my girl still counted.

I also cracked up when I saw that the Hot Trend post was up there – just goes to show what folks are googling! ha!

Without further ado…here are my top 14 posts according to views! Many of them have videos to go along with them, so if you want to see how it’s done, click on the photo to go to that blog post.
















Below I have attempted the insane – copying the products for alllll of these cards. In a giant block of stuff to see. LOL. I know, I know. It be cray. But who knows – maybe you forgot to pick up that birthday farm set, or the tweetie bird! You can click on each post to get to all that, or just click below.

Go check out all the other folks sharing their creations by clicking HERE!



New year..with TREATS!

  1. Ciara&SandyThumbCiara and Friends: Last year, one of the big things I tried — and didn’t do so well at — was my line of stamps. I thought I had a grand idea but….alas, it wasn’t grand enough to keep going with it. However, I got some genius advice from my accountant: the best part of running your own business is that you can just make the executive decision to let go of what’s not working, and follow what is. So that’s what I did, and ended my line of Ciara’s friends in rubber.Aha. You noticed I said “in rubber,” right? Well, many of you who missed out on the chance to get my stamp of Ciara and I in rubber can now buy it digitally! You’ve asked for it….so click HERE to grab it for yourself!
  2. A coupon code for you: a shopping discount to use with my friend Ellen Hutson, now through tomorrow January 2nd! Save 15% on your entire order – upon checkout, type in the following promo code: hny2015 A few suggestions are below if you need ideas…these are items that just hopped into my cart, with the exception of the vellum; I put myself on the notify list so I can get it when it comes back in stock…ever since Jennifer used it, it’s been wiped out! Can you tell by the looks of these that I’m ready to say hello to spring?