I have some watercolor blending tips to share with you today – along with a comparison of different blues and yellows in my palette. And a sweet little stamp set from Neat and Tangled! And yes – GASP – there’s glitter on this card! EEEP! lol!

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Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

To make a full background like this, I started with glossy accents on the stars – that will act as a resist, and also add shine to the stars. Let it dry completely before painting.

I wet the entire area first, and once it was evenly wet, I began to add Indanthrone in the area around the moon. Then added the Paynes Blue Gray toward the outer edges. Paint and water “collect” at the edges of a painting, but if you leave the paper cut larger than needed (in this case as a 1/4 sheet it’s 6 x 4.5) then the edges get cut off anyway. Dry outward from the center to keep drying as even as possible.

The Nickel Azo, New Gamboge, and Aussie Red Gold create a moon with different hues in it; the Aussie is more orangey when used in a thicker way. Yellow Ochre is a nice color for simple skin tones.

Last tidbit: I used some really old glitter on the wings, so couldn’t link it – I don’t use it enough to finish a jar before its no longer sold. Ha!