In this little watercolor pencil card, I’m providing some tips to choose colors – especially when coloring multiple of the same animals….Hoggy Holidays!

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Watch the video below or click HERE to watch it on YouTube.

I could have just stamped three piggies, but a party of five seemed much better! I stamped the center, left, and right first, masked them with Eclipse tape masks, then stamped the other two, being careful their faces werent hidden.

I used Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencils – I chose a warm pink (dark flesh) and a cool shadow pink (madder), and a grey and reddish brown for the barn. To make sure the hats and scarves pop, I chose colors that were very different – blue and green.

The last little tidbit was adding the hearts overhead – the colors in the background were light enough that coloring with the dark red right overtop worked fine. And of course….SNOW!