My Inktense pencils haven’t gotten much love lately – so today they get to come out to play! I had a question recently about what paper is best for watercolor pencils and is it the same for Inktense, so it was time to do a side by side test so you can decide for yourself!

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Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The differences become obvious to me as I’m coloring – and hopefully you were able to see them too!

I made quick swatches of some colors I selected; Inktense pencil leads often look VERY different from their color. It’s one reason I prefer my Albrecht Durer pencils, they’re more intuitive than Inktense.

This is the Canson XL. Smoother blending, but the color isn’t as rich.

On Arches Cold Press, the color is stronger, and there’s a little texture present; some of that is the paper, and a little might be pencil that didn’t break down in water, but I think most of it is water.

This one has a few changes: background added, doctor and nurse swapped positions left/right, and I colored it with Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils!

Charity report!

I am excited to finally have all the numbers crunched from the World Watercolor Month donations – and between the auction and all the watercolor classes purchased, we raised $1,944!!!!! I sent in the money last night to the Dreaming Zebra Foundation – with my GREAT THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for supporting a good cause!!!

Paintings are going out in the mail today!


If you missed it – please do go see the video from Saturday! Response has begun to come in….and I want to be sure everyone knows about it!