I had seen a lot of these tin pins (I think they’re also called “flair”) for years, and knew I couldn’t make any for OWH due to the extra postage. But now that I can pay my own way at the USPS for sweet cards like these – I can make them for special occasions!

Tin Pin Birthday Cards

Darcie’s makes these sweet little embellishment + stamp sets. You can use the stamps solo, of course, as well as with the pins, but in either case—-there’s a fox! Yeah. You know how I am about foxes, right? 🙂 Check out the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Here’s a closeup peek at the fox…

Sandy Allnock Tin Pin Fox Card

This one is an animal – I’m actually not positive what it is. If I use it without the pin I’ll color it like a raccoon or skunk I think. But the pin is light grey with a white stripe on the head….so I’m not actually sure what animal it’s supposed to be. I’d say a mouse if the tail was thin…I’d love your input!

Sandy Allnock Tin Pin Animal Card

And then there’s the cute little buck!Sandy Allnock Tin Pin Deer Card

There’s also a coffee/donut and milk/cookie set – linked it below as well in case you’ve got a sweet tooth too!


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