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Tin Pin Birthday Cards

I had seen a lot of these tin pins (I think they’re also called “flair”) for years, and knew I couldn’t make any for OWH due to the extra postage. But now that I can pay my own way at the USPS for sweet cards like these – I can make them for special occasions!

Tin Pin Birthday Cards

Darcie’s makes these sweet little embellishment + stamp sets. You can use the stamps solo, of course, as well as with the pins, but in either case—-there’s a fox! Yeah. You know how I am about foxes, right? 🙂 Check out the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Here’s a closeup peek at the fox…

Sandy Allnock Tin Pin Fox Card

This one is an animal – I’m actually not positive what it is. If I use it without the pin I’ll color it like a raccoon or skunk I think. But the pin is light grey with a white stripe on the head….so I’m not actually sure what animal it’s supposed to be. I’d say a mouse if the tail was thin…I’d love your input!

Sandy Allnock Tin Pin Animal Card

And then there’s the cute little buck!Sandy Allnock Tin Pin Deer Card

There’s also a coffee/donut and milk/cookie set – linked it below as well in case you’ve got a sweet tooth too!


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20 thoughts on “Tin Pin Birthday Cards

  1. Maybe be it’s an opossum, can you tell I’m from the south!?! Whatever he is, your cards are so precious

  2. Neat! I’ve never seen those tin pin cars before! I just love how you did the hexagon frame and the confetti!

  3. I think it is a skunk but He could be whatever you want. great video and coloring. thanks for sharing.

  4. So cute! I ordered everything to make these from EH. Can’the wait til my stuff gets here!

  5. These are cute. Love the hex windows.

  6. What does own mean? Think that concept is cute but don’t understand the reference.

  7. My guess is a beaver judging by the wide flat tail and buck teeth.

  8. Super cute idea!!! I thought it was a skunk, until I read the other comments about the gray squirrel. I think it could be either!!!

  9. These are all adorable Sandy. My guess would be a chipmunk or squirrel??? Either way, its cute!

  10. It must be a squirrel, they go nuts at parties! ….oops, sorry.

  11. Oh my…such a cute card! Tin Pin…first for me….love them!!

  12. I just saw a bunch of different ones at a craft show last week. They are so cute. Love how you used the hexagon dies. TFS

  13. I was leaning toward the squirrel too. but then I checked her other stamps and it does look like the skunk, except for the tail and it looks like the squirrel too, except for the detail on the face and the tail there also. Sooooo, I actually came to the conclusion that it’s a Party Animal, just as the quote that goes with it says. All the other quotes on this set and her others give you a hint as to the type of critter. But hey, go with whatever you want it to be and it works perfectly as that too. : )

    They are super cute and the tin button is really a cute embellishment.

    Thanks for sharing this cute line of stamps!

  14. Yes, I think it most looks like a squirrel because of the tail size. Whatever it is, your cards are cute! My niece would enjoy getting one of these.

  15. So cute. I’m with the majority. …….a squirrel. Took a while to figure it out.

  16. My LSS (now closed) used to carry these but I never picked any up b/c most of the cards I made were for OWH. They are very cute, so now I’ll have to reconsider getting some! I love the way you used the die as well. Thanks Sandy! Happy Friday!

  17. Looks like it’s unanimous – definitely a gray squirrel! But whatever they are, they are “adorbs”! My grandson’s birthday is near Christmas – I’m thinkin the little reindeer will be perfect for his card this year! But they’re all so cute, I can hardly wait to get my hands on ’em!

  18. Sandy, I think it’s a gray squirrel. I actually colored one of my jumpstart squirrels gray. Very cute, worth the extra postage!

  19. Too cute. I’d say it’s a gray squirrel. I actually colored one of my jumpstart squirrels gray.

    1. I thought the same thing. It looks like a squirrel to me.

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