I met up with an amazing artist on Periscope recently – Karen Orr. She’s a bridal illustrator (her Website, Instagram, Periscope) and taught me this secret weapon. She uses it for sheer and satiny fabrics, but I saw the application possibilities immediately!

The secret weapon for coloring amazing glass

When coloring with Copics, often it’s complicated to figure out how to make glass look like glass – as if that glass is in FRONT of the images we’re coloring. Not all colorists worry about such details, but for me – it always bugged me that I could make the glass “behind” the contents of a glass jar look glassy, but never quite worked out the front pane of glass. Well with a special Secret Weapon – I’m bugged no more! (Scroll down in this post to see more about how to create some of the glass pieces!) Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Weigh in with your request

I know some folks will be frustrated that I didn’t show how the images were colored with Copics, or show the masking; below in these graphics, I tell you how I did the masking at least. But I have a deal for ya: if there’s a cry for a tutorial on one of these, I’ll try to work it into the schedule in the next month or two, ok? Whatever gets pinned the most. Have at it and vote for your favorites!Sandy Allnock Secret Weapon Ready Set

Sandy Allnock Secret Weapon fintastic friends

Sandy Allnock Secret Weapon BugsKisses

Sandy Allnock Secret Weapon Sweet Smiles


I was a little blown away to suddenly notice yesterday that my YouTube channel now has over 40,000 subscribers! Holy guacamole! It was only one year ago (Feb 2015) that the 10,000 threshhold was crossed – so this has been one crazy amazing year. I’m humbled that THAT many people clicked the little red button!

I wanted to do something special to celebrate my 40,000 best friends:

 I’m giving away $400 in donations
to YOUR favorite charities!

To qualify, leave a comment with your favorite charity, and I’ll pick 10 commenters’ favorites to send a chunk of the money to….and I am SO EXCITED. I’ve done this for previous giveaways, and oh man. The day I get to go online and hand out money to good causes that I get to learn about??? #bestdayever! It’s like mad money that makes your heart burst with joy!


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