The Rule of Thirds – with Purple Onion new release

Purple Onion carries a number of background scene stamps – if you’re one who loves my made-up scenes, these might be a good way to create scenes without having to draw them on your own! I made a bunch of cards with them to illustrate the rule (ok guideline) of thirds….feel free to pin cards below if you’d like. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

This first card is perfectly fine, though the Street stamp is fairly well centered….

Dropping the center of gravity lower on the card, plus anchoring it with a darker road, lightens up the atmosphere so the sentiment takes the stage. Both the horizontal and vertical versions do the same.

These beautiful and simple Mountains work alone on a card – in the bottom third, leaving a big empty sky for the sentiment…

They can also be combined with Cruiser (Hedgehog on Vespa!) dragging along a Camper! I don’t know if a vespa is strong enough to drag weight, but….it’s sure adorable.

The SS Minnow, when stamped in the center, leaves little room for anything else.

But move the boat to the left a little, and there’s not only space for a sentiment, but I added the Wagon with Shelly the Bathing Mouse as a passenger! I also changed up the horizon line from the previous card, which added a lot of atmosphere.

The dunes, water (Tide), and lighthhouse go well together, especially when managing the thirds rule.

Change up the location of the dunes, water, and add Shelly, along with Sandy (yes Sandy!) the bathing bear…..draw in your own fence, grasses, wave crests, and fancy clouds….and yeah, you have a Sandy card. lol.

And just for the sake of crazy….I used the dunes along with the beach chair, grasses, and palm tree …and did some way fancy coloring.


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