The good…share some sunshine with people around you. Even if the world is frowning, add your smile. You never know who needs it!

The bad….the loss of Prince. I wasn’t a huge Prince fan, a bit more flambouyant than I like….but I can appreciate his place in American music. I created my own little tribute painting below.

Sandy Allnock Prince tribute
This is a great time to work on your #craftchella2016 entry…not many have played along, but pick a Prince song as your inspiration and link up a card!

(PS – I know lots of music “pundits” have said he’s the last icon we have remaining – but I disagree, because we have many more….like Mic, Bruce, Neil, Bob, Paul, and others. The coming years are going to get brutal as we all age! There’s part of me that wishes I could go to the big concert in October! )

The gift

Thank you for voting for the charity that I would donate $100 to on Earth Day – World Wildlife Fund gained our support!



Quick tips – TWO!

#1: This week’s watercolor tip is posted over at Ellen Hutson…all about Scumbling!

download scumbling

#2: On my 2nd YT channel I started doing quick tips – and then kinda let that slide. Yeep. Going to get back to that! Today’s is about cleaning your rubber stamps…I was working on a card yesterday and decided to leave the camera on while I was cleaning to see what it took to get all that ink out of the stamp. And here’s what happened….

Heads up – tomorrow there’s no morning post; I’ll be participating in a bloghop Tuesday….see you then!