I guess every day actually has been the first day. I wonder what would happen if we all thought of *today* as a new beginning? This morning I feel like everything’s fresh and new. And scary of course, but I’m only going to look at the fresh and the new, how ’bout that? 🙂

I’m beginning a new routine, and will be adding some ‘routine’ things to it as I go, just to keep me moving. I’m too much of a couch potato by nature, I think that’s why I make such long to-do lists…so I don’t want to risk that setting in. I’ve committed to Ciara that we’ll go for a walk daily now; she’s gotten short shrift lately, so we did start this morning. And she’ll be posting pics from each morning walk on her Facebook page, so go follow along if you want; I’m hoping that will help us keep on target with walkies! Here’s today’s photo from our warm morning jaunt….she’s just so cute!


I decided my first creative task for my new biz would be to get a frame around my State Department certificate. I wonder how many business owners post a certificate framed with May Arts and Basic Grey, with dimensional adhesive behind the certificate? Yeah, I’m a crafter.


I have a ton of frames I’ve bought at garage sales over the years (it was a crazy obsession for a while!)…but at one point got rid of all the glass. So now I need to go pick up a piece to protect this….but for now, it’s posted! And yes the date is from back in July when I was approved to start the business (btw, shouldn’t someone check to see if I know how to run a business before licensing me?…eeep!)….but I’m considering today to be Day One of my new LLC anyway. If you have paying work for me, well – you know where to reach me!


So that’s my crafty creation for the day…right now I’m sitting here with a smoothie and prioritizing my to-do list. Yes, a smoothie…my new routine is also going to be eating healthier as well as all that walking. I’ve heard from smokers that the best way to break long-standing habits is to do it when big things change….since normal routines are broken, it’s easier to set new habits. So I’m going to use this as an opportunity to get some new habits in place.

Hope you all have a fabulous first day of the rest of YOUR life!