When I mentioned a new upcoming class, I realized I better get busy testing Supracolor watercolor pencils – and test it for both crafts and fine arts. To find out if it’s better/worse than others, since apparently a number of folks have bought them!

I tested in two ways, therefore – one was a sketch of Chef José Andrés to help raise money for him as he serves the hurricane victims in the Bahamas. That was shared over on Instagram. The other, of course: a card!

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Watch the video below or click HERE to view it on YouTube.

While this is limited testing (I like to use something for a few months before giving it a thumbs up or down!), I find them to be really similar to the Albrecht Durer that I’ve loved for a long while. There’s still more testing, with both, actually, as I have started realizing there are some paint properties I want to explore; the tree on the card showed me the green I used has some opacity, and the lightbulb went on – that maybe I’ll need to work more deeply with these and my other brands, and find out what’s opaque/transparent, and what’s granulating and not, etc. Every brand is different, and I’ll have to find out what charts are out there that maybe tell me without testing but….stay tuned.

Nonetheless, these are by Caran d’Ache, a high quality manufacturer, and I love the color selection. Not more or less than Albrecht Durer but they are absolutely something that’ll make crafters happy. The cost on them varies all over the place, so you can make your choices, see the links below.

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One other lil thing: thanks for supporting Ellen Hutson in carrying the Albrecht Durer pencils as I asked her to do. She really doesn’t make money on art supplies like them, but she is so good in listening to me when I recommend a product. I do that for you so you can buy your supplies 1) from a craft retailer, which is important for our industry and 2) save on shipping by purchasing art supplies along with your stamps, inks, dies, and adhesives!