I needed to test something out with technology today… Don’t mind me. I’ll share a piece of art with you to distract you from my crazy geeking test.

Cat Face Painting

A little bonus for those visiting during my test: a little cat face painting I worked on last night. I was sitting on the sofa doodling it – so there won’t be a video; I’m not likely to have this kind of success again! lol. But who knows, I may try again sometime.
I created this cat face painting of Tsuki, my fat lil black kitty, with my Kuretake watercolors on Strathmore paper…she’s a black cat and I started out wanting the blue and purple as undercoats, but then decided I liked it and didn’t add much black.

By the way, if anyone out there knows: should we all be calling these – Gansai paints? Tambi? I don’t know what the Japanese would answer, so I just call them my Kuretake watercolors since that’s easier to remember. Maybe I’ll go ask the company. 🙂

*edited to add: Thanks to cgpwriter who commented: “Gansai is Japanese for paint (s) or color pigment. “Gansei Tambi” is a trademark thing with Kuretake. Tambi means “aesthetic.”  I also asked Kuretake on Instagram, and they said they use the hashtag #gansaitambi so they weren’t terribly helpful – I thought perhaps they’d pick one word or the other! lol.
Sandy Allnock - cat face painting, Kuretake watercolors
I don’t think I’ll create a video with this one… It’s really hard to redo a painting a second time.

However, I’m gathering a bigger collection of paintings/drawings now…and I’m considering putting them in my store once I figure out what kinds of prices to put on them. Anybody know of a site where I can get pricing recommendations?

Gotta jet and see if this test worked. So far so good! Have a lovely Sunday!

**test failed! phoo! I’ve fixed the post now, but – leave me a comment if you saw anything weird – pics turned sideways, huge, etc – and whether that was in email or on the blog, on a phone v computer. Trying to figure out what I have to do to blog from Europe and not have posts go wonky….but at least this post seems worth the effort since you all seemed to like my cat face painting!