A couple of folks have seen security warnings on websites – a handful of you have seen them here on my site, so I thought I’d post what I’ve learned about them.

First – my site is secure.

I have some advanced software protecting my site, and I monitor for malware (malicious software) all the time – and have been consistently reported “clean.” I’ve had long chats with my host, and learned something from them, so if you fall into the category of a person finding a number of sites that give you warnings….

These security messages are most commonly generated when the person visiting the site is using an older browser or Operating system. Due to some of the older SSL protocols being moved out of use for security purposes their browsers are unable to use the certificate and give the warning.  Unfortunately in such cases the only thing we can suggest is to update the browser/OS since we cannot re-enable these protocols in order to keep the server security tight.

So that means that updating your operating system or changing to a good browser should clear these issues up for you. Note that MS’s new “Edge” has a lot of problems from what I see on tech boards, so don’t always trust that “new” is “best.”

Second – email.

There are about 25 people for whom I have resorted to manually sending out class emails to; for some reason your servers keep holding them when they are sent through the normal queue with everyone else. I know I’ve asked folks to check folders labeled “spam” and “other” and “promotional”….but your host may also have a queue that they hold back so it never even lands in your spam folder. To solve this, you need to contact them to add me to your whitelist. That’s different than your address book; it’s at a deeper level. Think of it as the guy standing guard over your gated community who doesn’t even let mail land in your garbage can (spam) at the end of your driveway. So you may need to go tell Jeeves to let me in. LOL.

(Okay, so I’m trying to be a little entertaining with tech talk…it’s so dry!)

Third – single page for class

Hopefully everyone in Copic Jumpstart Class received the email about the single-page to get to all the lessons. If you don’t receive my emails, just go check in there every 2 days, and you can find the links you need. 🙂