Swatching Art Impressions Watercolor Sets

If you’re an addict like me – you have a lot of tiny cling stamps in your stash! I’m up to 8 of the Stampin Up plastic cases full of them….yeeesh! For some folks it’s hard to see what the stamps look like when they’re all grey cling; so try making little tags with test images! If you keep them in the sets they came in, you can tuck a tag into the package. If you use cases like me, cut a piece of watercolor paper the size of your case, and stamp all the images so you know what you have! In today’s video, I’ll show you all 10 of the new sets that just came out, and give a few tips along the way. Stay tuned to the end, I *just* picked up some new markers and they could prove very interesting for AI watercolor! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Below are the swatch cards I made in the video; click on the image caption to go purchase the stamp set at Ellen Hutson coz I know you also need cardstock. (How did I know that? Coz I do too. LOL)


I created a few card-sized paintings with only the stamps listed above–there are SO many options for layouts and combinations!

Zig Art & Graphic Twin Markers

I *just* got these markers – so don’t go expecting a ton yet. LOL. In the video literally was my first application of any color with one pen! I did make a quick sample, and yes the color came out more intense; these pens seem to want a smoother paper even more than the Clean Color pens do. (I use CC on Arches Cold Press, but I’m weird.)

These are pens by Zig Kuretake – and here’s the basic differences I see in just a short time between Clean Color and Art & Graphic Twin:

  • my full set came with a rack for storage. HOORAY.
  • 10 cents more per pen, but you get two nibs.
  • no “marker condoms.” (For those who have zigs and had to peel off the plastic….these don’t have that.)
  • nibs – one is a bullet nib, the other is a brush nib – but it’s not a foam nib like some others (like Tombow). It’s a plastic? rubbery? nib, and even makes squeaky noises sometimes.
  • the color selection is nearly identical. I was curious so started swatching in a sketchbook and found some colors that don’t come in the Twin, and some new colors added.
  • the ink appears to be a little different in my first tests; the Twin don’t seem to blend as easily, but possibly they need more than my sketchbook papers, I’ll try out other stuff. But they also come with a blender pen, which I wasn’t able to get to blend anything. Again, maybe the paper.
  • sets – Kuretake did it again on sets (lol) – my pet peeve is ending up with duplicates when you build sets slowly. The chart below shows the colors in each; if you just want some colors, you could get all the 4s, or both 6s or both 12s, and only the 4s will have a duplicate. Or just buy them individually. Or do like me and get the whole set. (Coz I knew I would do so eventually….yeah.)

Later today on Instagram, I’ll post a short video doing some lettering with these pens, be sure to pop over to see it. 🙂


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I figured visuals for the stamp sets might be helpful instead of a list: