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I’m excited that YOU guys are excited for these quick watercolor tips I’ve been creating over on Ellen Hutson’s blog – today’s is about doing a graduated wash – click HERE for that!

  • Rebekah Jones is doing a Bible giveaway HERE.
  • My July California teaching adventure is coming (more announcements to come about other cities!):
    • Cats Meow, Oakhurst CA July 8/9
    • Stamp Fever, Orange CA July 15/16/17
    • NOTE: I’ll be driving from Oakhurst to Orange…and would love to find churches to teach Bible Journaling! If you’re between those two cities and your church would like a class, drop me an email. 🙂
  • Have you taken my online Bible Journaling 101 class? I’d love for you to give it a review! Scroll down to the Description section – there’s a “Review” tab you cna click. Thank you!