Happy Sunday, friends! Hope you’ve had a good weekend so far – and will be making the most of the remainder of it. Monday’s coming soon, so let’s use our day wisely…even if it’s a little shorter than usual!

  • This week’s Watercolor Tip is over on the Ellen Hutson blog – check it out HERE!
  • I forgot to share a Danger Mouse video this week as promised – watch that HERE….there’s a new series on CBBC that started last year, but it doesn’t compare to the 1980s version! And little known fact, I know the theme song lyrics by heart. LOL!
  • In case you missed the news, I’ve cut back on my Periscope schedule – about every other day or so. Hopefully that’ll keep me from intruding as much by making your phones ring! ha. I’m also not leaving my videos on Katch any longer; the site was becoming more of a weird/cheap Youtube channel, and I’d rather focus on keeping quality content on YouTube instead.
  • You simply MUST see this Ted Talk – Jake Weidmann. 
  • Classes are still in ‘negotiation’ for the moment – I’m hoping to firm up Buffalo, a couple Cali locations, and possibly Tennessee. News soon!
  • Below…a peek of what’s coming tomorrow. Excited to share!