Another “by popular demand” video….eeep!

Studio Tour

I’m no fan of studio or craft room tours. Thus why it’s taken me so long to get around to doing this one! I don’t like how these videos can affect us – making us jealous over someone else’s supplies, or how much space they have or how pretty it is, or even getting all green-eyed-monster-y about the over-the-top organization that we then spend a lot of time and money replicating. These things can kill off our creativity – keeping us occupied with keeping up with the Joneses (apologies to any crafters named Jones! lol!) rather than creating!

Before watching, I’d like you to promise me something – if seeing my workspace makes you the least bit jealous, I want you to RUN not walk to your own creative space and MAKE something. Prove to that jealous little creature tapping on your shoulder that you are SO talented that you can create even without what you just saw. Show yourself that you’re ok – just as you are. Okay? The last thing I want this to do is stifle anyone or get you to go spend a fortune on organizing bins! 🙂 Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube! And see a few notes below the video.

If you saw anything in the tour that you wanted to know about – check my Favorite Products list. If you just want to know “what’s that thing behind the other thing” I probably won’t be answering that kind of question much; those are likely not my favorite items since they aren’t on my favorite items list. 🙂

7 tips for crafty organization

  1. Embrace the mess. Creative geniuses like Albert Einstein and Mark Twain had messy desks. Don’t believe me? Read THIS. I would much rather be like Einstein and Twain than some magazine “perfect” craft room! Producing art is way more important to me than producing a room to not make art, if that makes sense! If you’ve got a messy space, don’t beat yourself up over it.
  2. Be practical.  I have my top tools close at hand. Top drawers as well as any cups or containers that sit on the top of my workspace are the things I use the most. Don’t leave things out just so you’ll use them – they’ll just stare at you! (See #6.) Everything else can hide away a little further out of reach.
  3. Start a giveaway box. Once you’ve exhausted your ideas for a particular supply, pop it in the box. I go through that box regularly and send them out as surprise gifts to random customers who’ve shopped in my store! It’s like my own regular little “Customer Appreciation Day” when I get to make people smile. I do this instead of blog giveaways, since I never want my blog to become a place people come just to see if there’s something free.
  4. Group cleaning tasks. Stopping to put away tiny things can be a time sucker. Keep a small box or bowl where you can drop in little items that lost their way – a single stamp, an embellishment, etc. Whenever that little container fills up, go drop all those pieces into their storage spots. Do it all at once and save yourself running around every day for teeny items.
  5. Organize only as much as necessary. If you don’t have a lot of an item – don’t label it. Don’t swatch it. You only have a few, and it’ll use more time to figure out how to print out label sheets than it will to MAKE something! Same with swatching. Only swatch what you must to see the color change on a particular paper. Don’t fall in love with swatching just to have pretty charts – fall in love with creating! If you’re swatching your cardstock, and you can’t just look through it to see what you have? See #3, you might have more than you need!
  6. Cycle through your supplies. There are those items that you use regularly – and the others that you do like, but they are in a drawer and get forgotten. Set aside a Saturday or an evening once every week or two, and treat yourself to digging out a not-oft-used item. If you pass over the same item too many times in a row – put it in the giveaway box. Staring at items and not using them can either make us 1) guilty for not using it or 2) mojoless if we don’t know what to do with it. Use it or lose it- and make the day of another crafter who can totally rock it!
  7. Leave the workspace ready to inspire. And that doesn’t mean tidy all the time! If I’m in the middle of a project, I tidy up *just* enough to make me not groan when I walk back into the room. If I had an idea what sentiment I might like to add to that card, I get the stamp set out, and lay it and the project pieces nicely in the center of the desk. So when I walk back in, I can say, “Oh! I know exactly how to start today.”

I saw this on Instagram….and it is soooooooo “me.” Now I know how to describe my workspace! haha!

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