Welcome to my stop on the Topflight Stamps hop! They’re a company that shares some of the stamps made all over the world with people like me here in the US…brands we don’t normally see! They’re celebrating their birthday, and sent me a couple stamp sets I wanna show you – Meerkats andFarm animals by Katzelkraft!

For my cards I’ve got some uber-silly fun with Katzelkraft stamps, all of which I’m auctioning off for charity! If you always wanted one of my crazy cards, stay tuned here on the blog for more auctions all year!

But first – a vlog with pups doing silly things. Be sure to scroll to the end to hop to the next stop so you can qualify for PRIZES!

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Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Each card below has a funny little backstory…PLUS links to the auction page for each card! 100% of proceeds will be donated to help flood victims in Nebraska and surrounding areas.

But we can help. Bid high!

BIDDING IS OPEN THROUGH MARCH 31 at midnight pacific time.

Meerkats love to go on holiday to Hobbiton in Matamata NZ, because the LOTR is super popular in meerkat mobs. Yes, they’re called mobs. BID HERE.

Robot Dog, called “Tinker” by his friends, seeks a few replacement parts in the local hardware store under flickering flourescent light. BID HERE.

You thought your cat trashed the toilet paper roll – but this time, the cat’s innocent….don’t get mad. He’s cuddly. BID HERE.

Doug “Hoofin’ It” Blackstone finally made it out of his hotel room to the concert venue. No one was sure if he’d ever come out – he doesn’t have cable at home, and he got hooked on HeeHaw reruns. BID HERE.

Captain Nemo had his cat along when he went 20,000 leagues under the sea. He was a pretty useless feline, just watching the fish out the submarine’s window day after day. BID HERE.

On Old MacDonald’s Farm, the animals spend the late evening entertaining each other with cowmediums – they stay up even if it’s pasture bed time! BID HERE.

Tony is a collector of old jazz albums, and hangs out in local record shops sampling the kool kats – like Benny Goodkat, Jellyroll Meerkat, and the Glenn Meer Orkatstra. BID HERE.

Never hire a chicken foor an office job. They may be able to cross the road to get to the building, but they just can’t stop texting once they arrive. BID HERE.

Animals are just like us. They love a good sale on sweet pastries, too! He’s going to need a few dozen to take back to the rest of the mob, though. BID HERE.

Captain Link Hogthrob is reprogramming the computer panel on the porkdeck. (What? You don’t remember Pigs in Space??) BID HERE.

Harold read about the A-hop-alypse Coaster at the new Bunny Bay Amusement Park – and just had to buy a ticket! BID HERE.

Olivia went wild on the dance floor when Deejay Meerkat’s played her fave song: “You Should Be Diggin’, Yeah!” BID HERE.

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It is Topflight Stamps 2nd birthday!  To celebrate, they’ve teamed up with some amazing crafters – please hop along with us all and show all of the crafters some love!

Prizes: Topflight Stamps is giving one lucky winner a $50 Gift Certificate, and each stop on the hop has an additional $15 Gift Certificate up for grabs.  To be in with a chance to win, make sure to visit every stop on the hop and leave a comment by April 8th. Winners will be announced on the Topflight Stamps blog on April 9th.  Good Luck!