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Stop belittling your creativity: a tip to change your mindset

My apologies for yesterday’s blank post – it’s something that was supposed to be scheduled as a placeholder for the future and…uh yeah, I goofed. Thanks to the 43 people who let me know 🙂

Today I’ve got a little treat – a vlog! I haven’t created any of these in forever….but I hope to get back to it. I have lots of topics rolling around in my head for them, but if you’ve got quick questions or ideas, let me know in comments. If you like little creative nudges, you can also subscribe to the blog over at Art-Classes, where each Monday I share a little creative kick in the pants for us all! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Next week will be a little different from the usual here on the blog – but I hope you’ll have fun with it!

22 thoughts on “Stop belittling your creativity: a tip to change your mindset

  1. Right On…. I so needed to hear this… this morning…. Thanks You So much!!!

  2. Thank you for your rant. It was a message I needed to hear. ♥️

  3. Well said. If we don’t love and value ourselves; how can we expect others to?

  4. Such a cool rant! Thank you!! I grew up knowing about positive thinking but I still found myself living a life of belittling thoughts toward myself. I’ve been doing a study for the past six weeks and last week she talked about how toxic thoughts actually show up as dark pathways in the brain but when we think positively the pathways light up!!! I’ve been nipping the negative in the bud and all of a sudden my creativity is flowing instead of being hampered by fear! Your post is another good reminder!!! Thanks! I’ve been hitting the like button to your beautiful work for awhile now. So fun to see a video of you and “meet” you!

  5. Oh My Gosh, thanks so much for what you share. I’am getting better at all the different things I thought I couldn’t do. You are my inspiration that I can do it and it has given me the confidence to make birthday cards for a local children’s charity and I try all sorts of techniques and I make my own decisions about how things should be colored with colored pencils or Copics, that alone is huge for my artist journey. Just like Olympic champions, they required lots of practice, so I know that the more I practice the better I will get! Thanks for reminding us that whatever gains we make artistically, small or large, they are just that gains!

  6. What I liked the most was your suggestion about how to embrace the humility, but celebrate the progress. Brilliant.

  7. Thank you for such a positive rant!! I have learned so much from watching your videos and have become a better colorer and have become braver in my copic coloring from your inspiration and lots of practicing!! God bless you!!

  8. Different next week, you say? Guest posts from G and V?! 😀
    Always good to hear your thoughts. Looking forward to the new watercolour courses.

  9. I think in this society with so little positive messages, especially for women, that it is hard to think positively about ourselves. Thank you for the reminder.

    I do know as creatives we compare ourselves a lot. However, I have really been trying not to and giving myself kudos for TRYING to do things that are out of the box for me, whether they come out perfect or not. It is all about the TRYING. I work with Special Ed kids and tell them this all the time-do your best, that is all anybody can ask-AND practice makes perfect. I really try to live my life with those two quotes in back of my head. LOVED seeing (and hearing) your Vlog.

  10. Great Rant! And … reading through all the comments above really show how much your rant positiviely impacted all those that hear it. It is a fantastic message and I will take it to heart. I will also share this thought with others. I teach crafting classes and help people just have fun with it and your message is one that everyone needs to hear and put into practice. Thank you for sharing the message but also thank you for challenging all of us to remind ourselves that we are of value.

  11. Thank you, Sandy, for that inspiration! I must learn to speak kind words to myself, just as I would want others to speak to me. I can see where being more positive will help me stay more motivated to create, and I think it will help me relax and just enjoy crafting! Thanks again…have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  12. Great way to start the day hearing this message. Thank you for taking the time to share what you know; looking forward to taking some of your classes cause I LOVE and breath creating and it’s so much FUN!!

  13. It was great to “see” you on your blog! Thanks for those words of wisdom.

  14. That was wonderful! I know that is true but do find myself slipping back into that bad habit from time to time. I think women are worse about this than men. Compliment a woman and many are quick to say something negative, be it their perceived flaw in their art, the burnt edge of one cookie, the dress that isn’t new (as if that makes a difference!) and so on. Comliment a man and he is mostly like to smile and say thanks.

    I learned years ago that men can say no to something without listing three reasons why they can’t attend your Tupperware party. They simply say no, thanks. If I could learn that, surely I can remember not to point out where I colored outside of the line.

  15. Your words today are vitally important to almost everyone! My granddaughter came home from college where she hopes to become a terrific PreK teacher and eventually a special ed teacher. She told me her teacher challenged the class to think of positive ways to teach children not to hit, to share, not to yell, without ever saying the word No, Don’t, and Never. Your words today were similar in finding the positive. It is hard at first but easier as we keep trying. Teaching children positive things to do instead of disciplining negative behavior is HARD to do but what is needed in order to teach. We are all impatient but with time, these things become natural and so much better for our soul. You are helping me grow and I appreciate you so much. Cheers!

  16. Thank you Sandy, this was very motivating. I am taking a little break from art right now (because I am in the midst of moving and everything is packed) and I was starting to doubt myself. I will definitely revisit this vlog post when everything is unpacked in the new studio. It is a journey and I am going to continue on my path and sets some learning goal for myself so that I will feel better and more confident in my work. Thank you <3

  17. Hi Sandy…Thank you very much for that….I do say belittling things about my work and my dearbf is constantly telling me stop saying that you are not creative …you are an artist…keep practicing… and I often feel that I am not getting to that …point…where I feel like yes…I am. But I took a bit of break and joined him in Grenada and started doing some extra reading and learning and I cant remember where I came across it but I started a mantra… I am an artist, I am creative and I slowly started to visualize myself that way and I have now noticed my watercolour paintings are getting better. (I only packed my watercolour paints and pad with me for my travel) and what I heard you say today hit me …wham… and it resonated resoundly with me and I made a vow this morning…to stop belittling my work, my practice work and myself as an artist! Thank you …You inspired me and please please when you can….encourage us!

  18. Love you! Great vlog.

  19. What a wonderful sentiment. You are right! The more we think and say negative things about ourselves, the more we become what we’ve said. I was going to make a joking comment about your advise, but, seriously, we all need to stay positive.

  20. Thank you so much for this pep talk. I do that all the time – in fact, when I show people a card or scrapbook layout I did, the first thing I do is show them the boo boos! I am going to make every effort to change this behavior. Thanks again!

  21. Thank you Sandy, you described me all the way around! Right on the nail head. Thank you again…

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