I haven’t made stamped watercolor cards in a while – for Christmas or elsewise – but today’s a tiny preview of something coming very soon: TWO new classes!

In this video as well as in the classes, I’ll be using Tombows – this new little set that’s “mine”!! Ellen puting this one together just for you, so if you plan to take one of the classes, you can nab my 20 colors easily all at once. (When the class comes out there will be a discount on the set, so hang tight!) If you need ’em now, most are in the two sets by Art Impressions, Set 1 and Set 2. Or you can just use the marker conversion chart and use other brands for the moment! More on the conversion chart is later in this post.

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The card

For today’s card, I’m using Winter Kids – in the past I did fancy masking to make a child interact closely with an element like a snowman, but in this stamp set – the huggy child is part of the same stamp as the snowman! I’ll give you lots more tips in today’s video.

Watch the video below or click HERE to view on YouTube.

The colors I’m using for this card are shown. Yes, I’ve swatched them for the class, in the same way as my watercolor and other swatches. This isn’t necessary – but these help me show what colors are used by just grabbing the swatches to show them. In the class I’ll talk lots more about swatching etc, but if you want to swatch as I’ve done, I cut 1.5″ squares, and put the swatches into THESE pages.

The card came out really cute — all that coloring and nothing more than a cardstock layer was needed to finish it off nicely!

Free Marker Conversion Chart

I’ve been asked about conversion charts for a while – and while I’m not apt to do them much because they take having full sets of everything (ha! my accountant would shoot me, lol!) …. I decided to pick the 20 colors I would use most for Art Impressions watercolor. It’s not all colors you ever need – but I picked ones that I could mostly find matches for between Tombow, Marvy, Zig (Twin Tip or Clean Color) and Distress. Some folks may disagree with the matches – in some cases there’s more than one color in range – but this is close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades, right?

You can get the chart for free over on my teaching site, where I’m now keeping all the color charts. There’s a few freebies over there along with the hex charts, so hopefully you’ll find some that you can use!

About the classes

There will be two classes – one is going to be Stamped Watercolor Jumpstart for beginners! Six stamp sets will walk students through a wide variety of techniques to keep you busy for ages. If you have similar sets to the ones used you can certainly adapt – but don’t get excited about shopping yet, as there’ll be a class discount coming. There are even more stamp sets used in the intermediate minicourse, Stamped Watercolor Scenes – again, some you may have something similar especially if you’re an Art Impressions watercolor fan!

Classes will go live soon once all the stamps and markers and paper are stocked up, so stay tuned….as usual I’ll be posting a “class preview” video on YouTube when it’s available, and a post here, so subscribe to one or the other to be on that list.

PS The stamp sets will be EXCELLENT things to ask Santa for this Christmas, just saying!

I’ll be back on Sunday with a week of videos in the 24 Tags of Christmas series…stay tuned!