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Stamp Sketching (Art Journal)


Hello from sunny California! At least I’m hoping and assuming it is as I write this blog post beforehand. Heehee! Today I have a treat that’s more than a little different…an art journal page! I may begin to share a few of these over time….this one came together during a bout of insomnia, so I turned on the camera once I realized it could be a bit of fun. The “Stamp Sketching” technique is something I called the last step in the video – and I’ll be sharing that in upcoming weeks on a card at some point.

Enjoy the video below or watch it in HD on YouTube by clicking HERE.

Here’s the full finished page…if you’re at CHA and want to see it, come find me! My schedule is posted HERE.

Sandy Allnock - Eat Sleep Create Art Journal

And…before anyone types out an answer to my dilemma mentioned in the video – I just accidentally stumbled on a way to embed a video before it’s live! Oh em GEE! This has been kicking my butt for months, and now…boom, there it is! YAY! It’ll make it a lot easier on me when I go to Europe! 🙂


Except for the marker colors, of course…I didn’t track those!

19 thoughts on “Stamp Sketching (Art Journal)

  1. […] sharing the watercolor graduation card I made for her…I’m “refreshing” the Stamp Sketching idea from about a month ago, and playing with my Kuretake watercolors too. Enjoy the video below […]

  2. […] sharing the watercolor graduation card I made for her…I’m “refreshing” the Stamp Sketching idea from about a month ago, and playing with my Kuretake watercolors too. Enjoy the video below […]

  3. […] As for videos – I didn’t shoot any coloring of the Dream page above, but I did show an art journal page in the video below (click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube)….supplies list for this Paper Smooches page is HERE. […]

  4. Love your artwork! We were in Rome and LOVED it!! Cannot wait to go back! Toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain so you will return. 🙂 The airport is not close to the center of town. Make sure you make your transportation ahead of time if possible. We hired a driver online and paid an extra $60 to have him give us an hour tour before taking us to the hotel. That way we saw so many sites and could decide which ones we wanted to go back and see. Our tour was 1.5 hours! He was very nice, not much English which matched my ‘not much Italian’ but we got along very feel. Wonderful statues, fountains and scenery. We had a very updated and wonderful boutique hotel across from the Opera House. We waked everywhere, but busses do run throughout the city. I wish we had gone to the Borghese Museum, Vatican City and a tour of the Colosseum,but it was way too hot and lines way too long. We did go to the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Campo di’ Flori, Vittorio Emmanuel II Monument, Trevi Fountain just to name a few before our cruise the next day. Ate in a great restaurant near the train station. Best red sauce I have ever had! It would take 2+ weeks to see Rome totally and enjoy it! Do as much as you can and you will love it! Keep your valuables near you as you would in any large city. We had no problems.

  5. Artistic people never really sleep we just “create” in our dreams. I know you will have a blast at CHA. Your trip to Europe is a well deserved break. The best places for you to see besides the regular tourists sites. Try to make it to the “Pisser” . Amazing architecture/statues, buildings. Canal Street in St Martin, Localers for graffiti, walk relax draw in the covered passages. Located behind the Palais Royal, Hotel Chapell for stained glass. Enjoy!

  6. I absolutely love this one!!

    Don’t miss the Auguste Rodin museum in Paris. The atmosphere there is something you don’t meet anywhere else….!!

  7. Thanks for sharing. Love the sketching look. I’ve been thinking about doing an art journal as well – thanks for sharing your ideas in your head. Have fun at CHA.

  8. Love that sketching around the stamped images! Have to try that! Have fun in Europe, London, Paris and Rome are great cities! Very differend but I love them all!

  9. this is amaaaazing!!!!

  10. I know you love being “crazy busy” but I just wish it involved more sleep! I think you DO need an agent, and maybe a helper or two also – only wish I lived closer! Love how this journal page turned out, Sandy! It is so much FUN! Please take care of yourself, okay? Love and hugs! ♥

    1. I agree – LOVE all the time and talent you share with us. I can’t get enough inspiration from you, Sandy, but don’t want it to come at a price of your health. Take care – and enjoy CHA and then your trip to Europe! (The lil devil on my shoulder is wondering if you ever colored in the tail on the “C” in “Create,” however! 🙂 )

  11. What a fun piece. Enjoyed watching it come to life. Love how you turned the mad scientist into an artist. TFS

  12. Love the video and page. Thank you for the inspiration.

  13. Great great great!!! Love this journal page!!!

  14. Beautiful art journal page! You’ve inspired me to get back into mine:)

  15. Is it totally absurd that I so enjoy just sitting and watching someone else color? This was really fun to watch come together.

  16. What a fun page! Now I need some wide Copics for backgrounds!

  17. Such a fun page. Love the sketchy look. Hope you are having a great time at CHA!

  18. Awesome. Love that you put copies in your hand.

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