Back in February I posted this simple card over on Instagram TV – and since I have some news to share, I thought I’d do that while showing the video.

It’s about Ellen Hutson….and that darned covid19 taking another bite out of us! Ellen needs to close her business for the time being – the state we live in has been hit hard by the virus, and they keep trying hard to make everyone stay home. But since folks aren’t abiding….they’re getting stricter. How dare they say art and craft supplies aren’t “essential”??? Gah! I’m SO GLAD Ellen is complying and keeping her staff safe, though. I wish more did that!

Supplies for this project are linked at the end of this post. Compensated affiliate links may be used at no cost to you.

In the meantime though, I’m going to do a couple things.

  1. Remain a loyal customer of Ellen’s. A few other crafty places still are open at minimal levels, but I’m gonna wait for Ellen.
  2. Continue to share videos on YT – just change it up a bit! I’ll be making things that you can still learn from for cards, like backgrounds, ideas, products you may already have in a new way. But just not on card, or not with stampy stuff. Like….I have some videos about coloring Easter eggs! And painting on wood, and all kinds of fun stuff.
  3. Do more speed videos on social media.
  4. Do daily (weekday) chats every morning on Instagram (8:30am) and Facebook (9am). Until I run out of stuff to say, LOL. Join in the fun!
  5. Do an occasional Zoom meeting with my Patrons – that’s a video conferencing platform where we can actually talk together! If you;d like to become a patron you can do that for as little as $1 a month. Easy peasy. Means the world to my mortgage company and the dog food people.

I would LOVE it if you could do something special right now: send an email and let Ellen know how much you love her and her shop. She must be feeling down right now, and a flood of love and encouragement would mean the world!

Okay enough of all that, let’s get to the card, ok?

Check out the quick video below – again, it was shot for IG, so it’s not super high quality, but there ya go! lol.

View on YouTube.


This was one of those see-what-happens cards. I wanted to create something loose to go along with the tight stamping of the limes. (I used a MISTI to stamp the front ones, then masked them and stamped the ones behind them.)

I splooshed paint across the main image, then bent the paper to let it spread up and down; dropped nickel azo into the limes after that, just to see what would happen.

Then once it was dry, I secured it down with some tape and did “normal” painting – and once there’s color behind an image, all the stress over not going outside the lines vanishes!


If you’re thinking about getting this stamp set, I have another video with the same one:


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NOTE: you can’t buy this stuff right now while Ellen’s shop is closed. But I’ll keep the links here, so if you come back and want to get them once she’s open later, they’ll be all handy!