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Spinning Wheel Card – Earth Day 2016

Happy Earth Day! Every time this rolls around I remember being so excited as a kid. I never understood why we didn’t get the day off school if it was a holiday – but I did win the contest for best art poster in the 1970. I even still have the ribbon! 🙂

Spinning Wheel Card/Wheel Pivot Card

For Earth Day – how about little critters who love to move “earth”?? I saw a project in a book on mixed media projects that used a pivot wheel like this card does; the mechanism they used wasn’t anything like this, but the idea was so fun I had to try it! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Prairie Dog Facts

  • Black-tailed prairie dogs once numbered in the hundreds of millions – maybe even over a billion – and were possibly the most abundant mammal in North America. Their numbers have decreased by over 95%. Today, they may number around 10-20 million.
  • Their entire mating season is just an hour long. They actually mate just once a year, in early winter. Females go into estrus for a single hour. They then have litters of three to eight pups—usually only half of which survive their first year.
  • The tunnels, or coteries, contain separate “rooms” for sleeping, rearing young, storing food and eliminating waste.
  • Prairie dogs are very social and live in closely-knit family groups called “coteries.” Coteries usually contain an adult male, one or more adult females and their young offspring. These coteries are grouped together into wards (or neighborhoods) and several wards make up a colony or town.

All the little prairie dogs in the Got Your Back set are so stinking cute!

Sandy Allnock Spinning Wheel Card2 Sandy Allnock Spinning Wheel Card3

Sandy Allnock Spinning Wheel Card4

Sandy Allnock Spinning Wheel Card inside

Giveaway for Earth Day!

Below is a list of just some of the earth-related charities I’ve given to over the years, and will make a $100 donation tonight to whichever one gets the most mentions in the comments both here and on today’s YouTube video by the end of the day. Or add another charity by commenting with the name of that one. Scroll through and pick one for YOU to go give a few bucks to as well! 🙂


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the listed items to go directly to it. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

28 thoughts on “Spinning Wheel Card – Earth Day 2016

  1. Belated Happy Earth Day! Great tips on how to make a spinning wheel card. TFS

  2. Love your card!!! Love your work~! My vote is for Green Peace 😀

  3. Great spinning card — cute images, LOVE that you made it so interactive!

  4. Super cute card. I think they’re Meerkats, not prairie dogs, but they work fine as either one. 🙂

  5. So cute. Love your idea.

  6. Another work of heart from you! I am super excited because I signed up today for your class “watercolor” for the May22nd at Buffalo Stamps!!! Wanted a different one but apparently EVERYONE is super excited – you are all sold out for each one except this one. I hope to be able to get a picture with you if that is allowed.

  7. Brilliant, Sandy! I’m so inspired to create a spinning wheel card now. Your prairie dogs remind me of the very hungry groundhogs that think of my flower gardens as a salad bar! Thank you so much for all you do to make the world a better place, Sandy! I love the World Wildlife Fund.

  8. Such a cute card! My vote goes to World Wildlife Fund. Thanks for doing this!

  9. Cute card I like the way you made the brad less visible Bravo!! I’m on a improve the USA kick so I say Sierra Club. Thanks for the thoughtful donation/giveaway great idea.

  10. This is so adorable, Sandy. This is the cutest of “cute”. :o)

  11. WWF will help those prairie dogs. Love the card

  12. Long time Sierra Club supporters so they have my vote. Thanks for another fun card idea! Would love to see more cards that feature watercoloring. Your work is great!

  13. Great card, love it! Happy Earth Day to you as well. Great donation and I vote for Sierra Club.

  14. Definitely WWF. Thanks for your cute card tutorial, and thanks for your generosity.

  15. All great charities, and my vote is for WWF.
    Love your interactive card!

  16. For those of us “of a certain age”….VIEWMASTER!!!!

  17. Impressive card. You got my brain spinning thinking about how I want to make one of these. Love the stamp set. I vote for World Wildlife Fund.

  18. Super awesome as usual! OMG I finally saw you face to face yesterday. I was at IMPRESS and held the door for you when you came in to teach a class! I only go to IMPRESS when I work up that way so imagine my surprise when you came in to teach a class! I wish I could have taken the class! Maybe another time!

    1. Oh gosh thank you!! I was juggling that heavy box and appreciated your help. I was assuming you were a student staying for class and then you were gone! 🙁

  19. There is a special project to protect the habitat of the manatees at Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River that would benefit from support. I love all these organizations but I am worried about our dear and gentle manatees.

  20. Awesome card and thanks for sharing how you created that – it’s something I thought you had to purchase specific supplies for and now I want to try and create my own.
    I would vote for Greenpeace because they are trying to save all of our planet. Thanks for sharing xx

  21. I’m loving the interactive cards. Have you ever done a light up card? I am a supporter of the World Wildlife Fund

  22. World Wildlife Fund gets my vote! Wonderful idea to celebrate Earth Day, and I am gobsmacked by this card!

  23. What a fun card! I vote for World Wildlife Fund.

  24. So sweet of you! We always supported the World Wildlife Fund especially when the kids were little.

  25. Great card, love it! Happy Earth Day to you as well. Great donation and I vote for Sierra Club.

  26. OMG Sandy… This is such a gorgeous card. Thanks for sharing this with us 🙂 You make it look so simple. You are just so generous to be donating to charities for World Earth Day. I vote for World Wildlife Fund

  27. Thank you for donating to a charity as part of making this card. I vote for Greenpeace.

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