Copic price increase update

Edited to add: after this was done, actual correction finally arrived from the company: 12%.

This still isn’t news FROM Copic, but…after the video on Saturday , I’ve heard from lots of folks about what they’ve also heard. So all of this is, I guess, third hand – and you can take it with a grain of your favorite salt! The common denominator: I don’t hear anyone saying there is NO increase. Some say a $1 increase per marker, some up to $3 – HOWEVER regardless, an increase is an increase, and if you’re planning on asking Santa for markers or refills, email him your list of markers now rather than waiting. Everyone has Copics on their list, and you want the best selection – or the ability to get on a wait list. (And find out where they’ll be hiding your gift so you can sneak them into your craft room for a little dry run! ha!

Ok now for the card!

Harvest Party Card

I’m pretty sure no one will ever be searching for how to make a card for a Harvest Party or Harvest Festival. But since when has doing something unnecessary every bothered a crafter, eh? My friend Sheila had the idea to do this since we both collect a lot of MFT Birdie Brown designs….so I had to play along! And I wanted a card to send a friend who is working on her church’s Harvest Party. So there ya go. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Art Tips

Since there’s no voiceover or colors, I wrote out some of what I was doing:

  • Why no colors? Because honestly, nobody is going to have all these stamps and do this coloring. My speed coloring videos are just demonstrations. Most of the time I don’t provide art tips like this either, so this is a bonus. 🙂
  • Masking:Stamp the front image first – ie the little space dude. Mask him out with Masking Paper (stamp on it and cut him out), then stamp the pumpkins, mask those, stamp the superhero…etc. Front to back.
  • Note that the pumpkins are from Witch Way is the Candy; I didn’t want to use that since the kids don’t dress like scary characters for the party at church!
  • I started with the space boy’s face – then realized I wanted to “set” the lighting. I used purple to shade the faces, grey for everything else, thinking about a strong light cast from the church door onto the kids, leaving the highlight spots open.
  • Coloring the background first, I set the darkest colors so I’d know how dark the rest needed to be. Couple layers.
  • The clothing required little shading, since it’s all about this crazy lighting instead of detailing their outfits. Look at a group of kids in the dark sometime, you won’t see tons of detail.
  • At the end I tossed a quick glaze of yellow on top of everything in the highlights so the yellow light from the church door would cast onto the kids!


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