My daffies never came up this year….I think they’re kaput! But….instead I colored Daffodil Charlotte for this card; she’s from Sparkle Creations! My fellow stampers all have a different character from Sparkle that they love – I really like Charlotte a lot – she’s sweet! Just for OWHers who love spring cards…you can use daffodils, just don’t make the cards say “Happy Spring!” on them. It might only be starting spring where you live, but we’re getting a ton of late spring cards that have to wait til next year; our heroes are ready for summer 🙂

Sparkle Creations Daffodil Charlotte2

The card’s a pretty simple design with some MME paper (who’d a thunk it! I think I am just in love with everything they make!)…an SRM sticker for the sentiment, and a little bling that my friend Kelly gifted to me!Sparkle Creations Daffodil Charlotte