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SMILE! World Cardmaking Day is coming


SMILE! World Cardmaking Day is coming

It’s been a rough time lately, in America and in the world. Disasters abound. Wars wear on year after year. And now, yet one more mass shooting. How on earth do we get through this without just pulling the covers over our heads?

Smile more.

I know, it sounds like such a little thing. But after the Toastmasters Conference this past weekend, where I heard Barbara Khazam speak – I’m determined to intentionally be a ray of sunshine. For now I’ll be that ray as often as I remember. And hopefully after Barbara’s 21 emails, it’ll be a habit! She had us sign up for her email list to get 21 tips – and I think those tips get sent to you if you sign up on her website, but if not, email her and ask for that email list. And let’s see if we can start shining some light in a dark world!

So today – just a short vlog, with a little info about WCMD coming up on Saturday…be sure to pop back in to get the details on the challenges and how to WIN on Saturday, okeydokey? Watch the video below or see it HERE in HD on YouTube.

And….I have a guest post over in Ellen Hutson’s Classroom today – check it out here!

Go smile at someone today – especially someone who doesn’t look like they deserve it. They need it more than most people do!


5 thoughts on “SMILE! World Cardmaking Day is coming

  1. Reminds me of the time years ago when my kids were young and I was thinking we didn’t smile enough. I challenged myself to smile all day, even while talking. At first the kids and hubby didn’t understand. They were surprised with the smiles – that in itself is a shame and I vowed never to let my smiling be that rare again. Then they tried to catch me without a smile. It was harder later on since my face muscles were beginning to hurt. I would go in the bathroom and take the smile off. Then reemerge with it plastered back on. They laughed until they cried when they ‘snuck’ up behind me and thought I wouldn’t be smiling. But they were wrong. It was a LONG day and I finally stopped after supper. My face couldn’t handle it. LOL But I learned a lot that day – mostly that my smiles to my family desperately needed to be much more often. Thanks, Ms. Happy Pants, Jr.

  2. Yay for World Card Making Day! Thanks, Ms Happy Pants Jr. for ALL the videos this week. You are a busy girl!

  3. Hello time traveller (LOL), you make the world defnitely a beter place and make me most of the time smile. Thank you Sandy.

  4. You always make m smile and I already thought you were Ms Happy Pants.

  5. Thanks for the video Sandy. Looks like it’s going to be a busy WCMD for me (and hopefully for my sister, who will fly in tomorrow night to spend 10 days on the island and get crafty with me. Yay!). I’m looking forward to participate in challenges at the Winnie & Walter blog and at StampNation, and I’ll try to watch your videos too. But I guess the main thing is for us to get crafty ourselves. Yay for more MFT colouring videos. I was inspired last month to ink up my (only) Pure Innocence stamp and use my watercolours. You can view my card at
    Thanks for inspiring me and so many others!
    Marianne x

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