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Sketchy Copic Coloring – Guest Post!

Quick heads up – today I’m guesting over at Craft with May while she’s being “robo crafter” – her oh-so-necessary right arm is tied up in a contraption til she gets healed up! Easy peasy Copic coloring to be had… please go visit and show her some big-hearted love! 🙂 

10 thoughts on “Sketchy Copic Coloring – Guest Post!

  1. How sweet of you to fill in for May. Love the sketchy Copic coloring and the tip on making your own color card base. TFS

  2. Really lovely results without all the repetitious blending. Thank you!

  3. Love this! Like you said, it’s so fresh and loose and colorful and fun! Thanks

  4. Love this stamp set and the colors you chose for the card. Hope your day is blooms as wonderfully as the card does!

  5. Great colors.

  6. What a great video, Sandy! Thank you so much for the wonderful Sketch Map. I have been using the Doodle Buds set with watercolors. Now I’m inspired to try following your Sketch Maps with Clean Color markers for bright, loose blossoms! Warm hugs!

  7. sandy, this was such a sweet thing for you to do for may. thank you so much. this was a great card to share on her site. i really love it when cardmakers stick together and help each other out. i’m seeing this with others also, and i love it. i’m going to work on going loose too. lol wish me luck. thanks again. and may, i’m praying for your hand and peace of mind while you rest. hugs to you both, treen

  8. Wow as always, TFS, Annette

  9. Awesome video and LOVE your card, spectacular colors….love them.

  10. Gorgeous card Sandy! Love the loose coloring

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