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Silly Blue Footed Booby Card

Silly Blue Footed Booby Card

I don’t often keep a card I make just for me. But this guy? I might not be sending him out anywhere. First, coz he’s a Booby! That was my favorite bird in school – I was so excited some scientist would even think of calling a bird a Booby. But those sentiments – they’re HILARIOUS. Expect to see more of this guy on instagram over the coming months, I wuv him. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

So simple. So silly. So….yeah. He’s staying with me.


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17 thoughts on “Silly Blue Footed Booby Card

  1. I love this image, and your card is fabulous. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. It’s amazing to watch you watercolor. The color just flows from your paint brush onto the paper…Joy

  3. this is way cute. after seeing it I called my local papercraft store to ask if it was in stock. I embarrassed the clerk who had never heard of a blue footed booby! lol

    1. LOL! Was she never a 5th grader? I remember being so excited to say the name of the bird in Catholic school. “But it’s a BIRD!”

  4. Oh my goodness you are AMAZING! This really is way too cute!

  5. LOVE your Booby – I wouldn’t want to give him away either :o)
    I also thought the signs were stamped! Great to watch how you made them and the post and pier! I wish I could take your classes Sandy.

  6. I love him!!! What a great Booby!!!

  7. Really cute card!! I was surprised to see in the video that the post and signs were hand drawn–thought they were stamped. Love the way you created the boardwalk too.

  8. Hahahahahaha!!!! I’d keep it too. This is the best booby ever!

  9. That is SO cute! I can think of many occasions to use this image. Love to watch you watercolor, Sandy. I’m excited about your new classes!

  10. I LOVE this card and sentiment!! I’m going to have to have it! As always, I LOVE your videos and techniques Sandy. Thanks for sharing.

  11. This card is so much fun! The video was so helpful, especially showing how to turn the sentiments into signs on a post. Thanks for sharing.

  12. He’s so Cute! Great card and I haven’t even looked at the video! I love the sentiments!

  13. He is wonderful!!! I’ve always loved the blue-footed boobies too!

  14. Definitely hang this card on your wall! It’s such a fun one, Sandy! I just loved watching you create a sentiment signpost. I’m really looking forward to World Watercolor Month and the chance to stretch my skills! Heartfelt thanks for all that you share, dear Sandy! Wishing you a star-spangled weekend! ♡

  15. Sandy – too funny! Love the bird & LOVE your card! It made me laugh on this sunny, Friday morning! Thanks for telling us about ‘watercolor’ month…..I have been wanting to take one of your classes (well, not just one!), so I’m celebrating ‘watercolor’ month by doing that! (and thank you for the coupon).

  16. Two take-aways: a really colorful shadow from layering (WOW) this can be used so often, AND the wonderful idea of painting the signs and then outlining. Thank you for this funny bird, a nice morning smile, and good tips.

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