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Shalom: Waiting

“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him. . . ” –Psalm 37:7
Well, we’re in the Newark Liberty International Airport…our long layover really feels long from the middle of it!

Our flight across the U.S. was uneventful; I sat next to a very sweet newlywed couple returning from their honeymoon in Alaska. I got to hear about the wedding day, how they met, all their adventures on their trip, and even hear about their Pre-Cana classes (Roman Catholic pre-marital counseling). It sounds like they have some wonderful mentors for their journey in marriage. Blessings to you, new friends!

Our little group had breakfast together when we arrived, and I decided that stromboli really was not made to host breakfast foods. Live and learn! I also decided that the company paid to carpet the floor at this airport needs to be reminded that carpeting should have padding below it, since passengers on long layovers might like to nap a while. Ah well. If they ever call me for advice, I’ll be certain to pass that on!

My companions are asleep for now, so I think I’ll surf the web a bit and keep occupied . . . only 5.5 more hours til we depart for the long leg of travel—10 hours (ish?) to Israel!

3 thoughts on “Shalom: Waiting

  1. Sandi,

    Wow what an awsome chance you have to not only experiance were our Lord walked, but to hear so many stories and see so many things. It’s a chance of a lifetime…

  2. At least half the trip is over, and you may tire enough that you’ll sleep the rest of the way!
    Fly on angels’ wings!
    and safe landing…DZA

  3. Hi Sandy! I’m covering all by bases at keeping tabs on you! A 5.5 hour layover?? CRUD!!! Can you just grab a cab and go sight see? Stretch your legs??? Do they let you leave and come back???
    I’m looking forward to living vicariously through your beautiful trip…
    I’m also keeping a ‘where ITW is Sandy’ daily update to the thread I started yesterday…on 2peas.. Happy travels…

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