“Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise, in the city of our God, His holy mountain.” —Ps 48:1

Today was a day of transition—from the Galilee south to Jerusalem! Temps in the city are cooler, praise the Lord; though we’ll be going south to the Dead Sea tomorrow where it promises to be a scorcher. My amazing fact for the day: I was in the West Bank!?! I had no idea how large an area it covers, nor that many of the sites we’re to visit are located within its borders. So yes, Mom, your middle kid will be in the West Bank all day tomorrow, but it’s perfectly safe at the Dead Sea, so do not worry! 🙂

The Golan Heights has an amazing aerial view of the Galilee region! A lovely way to say goodbye to this beautiful place. Our tour guide gave us a very detailed description of this area’s history, it’s hard to follow but fascinating. And our bus driver Gabi deserves a HUGE round of applause! The switchbacks were sharp and many! (And the vehicles left abandoned over the side of these cliffs gave us even more appreciation for his driving skills!
Bet-Shean is another Tel (city built on a city built on a city). The photo at the top is me and our little climbing party at the top (Mark, Pat, Julie, and me). The “top” can be seen in the bottom photo—see that tiny trail going up that mountain?

The Judean wilderness—wow. Imagine this dry, empty, vast desert for 40 days and 40 nights. Not a shelter to be had. Dust devils flying around. Heat, heat, and more heat. If I couldn’t last 40 minutes out there, I know our Lord was “lean and mean” as Pastor Steve says—He had to be to survive that!

I got a chance to drink from Gideon’s Spring!

We got to visit Qu’umran today! Hot as all heck but wow. What a bunch of weirdos this bunch was, but the Lord preserved His Word by having them stash it in the cave shown here.
We’re here!!!!!! This is the view from Mt. Scopus.