“. . . the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” —Ps 121:8

Me and Maggie (my roomie!) overlooking the Sea of Galilee!

Hallelujah, we’re here! What a wonderful place!

Our flight was again uneventful; about 10 hours worth of travel by air, and we transferred to a bus in Tel Aviv to take us to Tiberias. I sat with a lovely woman and new friend, Christina, and we enjoyed the sights out our window and talked. My photos out our window didn’t turn out all that well but I’m hoping to talk Christina into letting me download her pics since she had a better camera!

We drove along the border of the West Bank; I was surprised that the wall was only for portions of the border, not the whole thing—it separates the most populated areas of Palestinians from the high-population regions of Israel proper. Palestinian communities are notable by two things, one is minnerets at each mosque, the other being architecture—homes are built individually by each family, and structures are up to them, so communities don’t necessarily “match.” (I assume few housing codes or HOAs).

Turning north we aimed toward Tiberias, and the views of the lower Galilee valleys were breathtaking! Some areas were green and planted with all sorts of beautiful patterns of plants, trees, and vines, others were in the midst of harvest so looked dry, but the land here is rich and fertile.

We’re about to go for dinner now, I hope to get back here to post a few more thoughts later. Just wanted to say hello from Tiberias quickly!