“Don’t be alarmed,” he [the young man dressed in a white robe] said. “You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here!” —Mark 16:6

Today was our final day, and what a final day it was! The morning was spent with some friends walking around the Old City, both in the Christian and Moslem areas. In the Christian quarter I met a wonderful Christian Arab silversmith who gave me his testimony about coming to the Lord while he showed me his silver jewelry—much of it had half the writing in Hebrew and half in Arabic, pieces intended for Arab converts. (And of course I had to buy a piece!)

Our touring for the day included Caiphas’ house, St Peter Gallicantu (where Peter denied Christ 3 times), and closed by visiting the Garden Tomb and sharing in communion there at the end of our journey! A frantic bit of packing and a quick meal filled a short return to the hotel, and we boarded buses to Tel Aviv. Margaret, I have some bad news for you—your suitcase zipper finally bit the dust! So you now have a lovely red one, and it’s larger than your green one because I bought so much stuff!

The strike was averted for today so we’ll be on our way home shortly. (I’m posting this from Ben Gurion Airport.) We have a much shorter layover in Newark this time, PTL!

A crazy journey into the market! The photo on the left is a steep downhill—the young man in the black shirt is “riding” on a tire attached to the cart; it’s what they use for “brakes” when driving these heavy carts pell-mell down the hill!

This is Caiphas’ house with the Church of St Peter Gallicantu built over it. The actual dungeon is there, and we shared devotions at the bottom of that pit; a very powerful time.

These are the steps Jesus would have been marched up to Caiphas’ house. The real stones!
He really isn’t in the grave in the Garden Tomb, I checked myself!!