“Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name.” —Ps 100:4

Oh how I have waited to post a blog entry with this verse! We’re here, inside the old city!

I took the morning off from conference today; I am just so tired. So here are some photos from yesterday. I need to jet to meet the tours for the afternoon (We’re going to Yad Vasham, the Holocaust Museum), but I at least had time to process some photos for you to enjoy.

The Regency Hotel where we’re staying. That’s our bus driver Gabi on the motorized wheelchair—does he have a license for that thing??

The Garden of Gethsemane contains trees that are inexplicably 2000 years old.

We took the Palm Sunday Walk from the top of the Mt of Olives.

Entering Zion Gate!

Misc scenes inside old Jerusalem.

Inside the Jewish Quarter in an underground-type area on a street called (?) Cardo. Lots of places to shop as well as many excavated ruins from Christ’s time! I’m hoping to get back down there, I had to leave early to help a fellow traveler.
The approach to the women’s side of the Wailing Wall. These lower stones are the original wall, and people pray there remembering the destruction of the city and praying for the future rebuilding of the temple as prophesied.

Our tour guide Naphthali is so awesome! He’s a Levite, by the way.

This is the original flooring! The large stones from the temple fell and created the cracks you see. The single stone, upper right, was once the stone where the herald would stand and blow the ram’s horn.

The Southern steps—lower ones are from Christ’s day! They stretched all across the side of the wall. The steps are built in a musical pattern—one deep step, one shorter, and you couldn’t rush across them because of the irregularity, causing everyone to slow down to a more meditative pace.

The first evening of the conference, with Tommy Walker leading worship. He actually wrote a song while here, all about “Goin’ up” to the Holy City, how appropriate!