“Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” —Ps 37:4

While my photos are slowly uploading (very slow connection here!) I thought I’d take a minute to tell you all how grateful I am to God for this trip—He has given me the desire of my heart! I never thought it would happen; I had financial obstacle after another, and just when I started sinking into depression about never being able to save the money for the trip, things turned around. Amazingly. Even my dejection seemed to be God’s way of proving to me that He is mightier than my troubles, because He just pulled meright out of it. He’s even willing to blow down the Puget Sound region in a giant windstorm if that’s what it takes to get me to Israel. (That’s a long story!) I just can hardly believe I’m here.

The evening we spent outside after dinner was so lovely, the weather is balmy and warm, but with a near-continual breeze. Looking out over the Sea of Galilee, and realising those were the same hillsides Jesus looked out onto day after day when He was here, that this was the lake He walked on, this was the lake Peter swam to His Lord cooking fish on the beach. . . it’s almost too much to take in, and I’m only sitting at a modern hotel. I can’t wait until tomorrow; we get to go on that boat ride, and visit Capernaum, and the thing I’ve been looking forward to so much, the Mount of Beatitudes!

One of our Pastors, Scott, showing us a “sign from God” about where to go for the bus!

A view of a Palestinian community with its minneret (taken from the bus).

A view of the Sea of Galilee from a switchback as we went down to lower Tiberias.

The salad bar and part of the dessert bar! I ate foods I couldn’t identify—those who know my picky taste buds would have been proud.

The hotel we’re staying at, the Gai Beach Resort in Tiberias. Photos taken after dinner at dusk, facing east.
Goodnight, sleep well!