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Shading Maps: Clearly Besotted January 2016

Hello there – and welcome to a new feature here on my blog…shading maps! (And be sure to come kick the tires on the new site!)

Shading Maps: Clearly Besotted January 2016 release

In some of the shading classes I taught last year, I create shading map handouts for my students – basically loosely sketching in the location of shadows on the stamps the students would be using for their class work. The handouts were crazy popular – and I thought it might be a fun feature to have here on the blog from time to time!

How often? It won’t be every release for every company, of course. As I’ve said before, I turn down offers to receive freebies on a regular basis, as 1) I just can’t use that many stamps (lol), and 2) buying my own stamps keeps me sharing what I love, not what I’m given! But sometimes I’ll say yes, and when I thought about using them as an opportunity to teach shading….I figured it’d be ok. You can click on the pdf and print it, then save it to cut into strips and slip into your stamp storage so you have it for reference.

I won’t be creating videos for all of these Shading Maps – but I did post one today, just to let my YT-only followers know about it. In the future I may just do a blog post like this one – showing you the shading maps plus a colored image from each set. Just coz I can’t stand to not color them up when they’re cute, right?

Okay okay. Now I’ll shaddup and you can check out the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube! Scroll down to get the link to the Shading Map pdf!

Some birdie loves you

The little birds and toucans in this set are very sweet lil tweeters. Check out photos of birds in the Amazonian jungle for ideas on colors!

Sandy Allnock CB birds

You’re Purrfect

The You’re Purrfect set has lots of kitties to color – so tiny, so darling!


Sandy Allnock CB purrfect


What could be cuter than puppy and kitty robots? SQUEEE!

Sandy Allnock CB minibots

Jump for joy

The little froggies in Jump for Joy will be cute for valentines, or for most any other theme. Add on a party hat or balloon from another set and dress them up!
Sandy Allnock CB jump for joy

Still a Hoot

Owls are back too, and dressed up for the new year – scarves, ties, and bows galore!

Sandy Allnock CB still a hoot

Love You Tons

And if anyone was afraid the elephant craze was over – fear not! You haven’t missed the boat. This one will be great for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards. And the shading maps? They work in watercolor, or any medium!
Sandy Allnock CB love you tons

Miniature Florals II

This flower set has some super tiny yet very detailed flowers – I thought they’d be perfect in colored pencil. I think I was right!

Sandy Allnock CB flowers

Free Shading Map Download

Click on the button to download your shading map – cut the sections apart and tuck them into your stamp storage for future reference! 🙂


I don’t know how regularly I’ll be doing these – but periodically at least, as I get permission and stamps to create these with. I don’t want to upset any stamp companies so I’ll need to get their ok to do it. Let me know in comments if there’s a line in particular you’d like to see a Map for!


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; click on the listed items to go directly to it. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

51 thoughts on “Shading Maps: Clearly Besotted January 2016

  1. Thank you Sandy ……. since I have started following you I think I am getting better…My downfall is always my shading, your shading maps are such a good idea thankyou for sharing your wonderful knowledge of all thingss Copic….☺

  2. Fantastic, thank you so much. Whilst I have been getting better at shading with practice, knowing where to put the shadows still confuses me at times so this is a godsend. I would love to see more of the Clearly Besotted and Lawn Fawn as these are my favorite stamps x

  3. So helpful – thank you 🙂

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  5. Great tool. I can see myself using it. TFS

  6. This sounds like a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing these handy shading maps =) I’d love to see more in the future!

  7. Love this. Thanks so much. Any shading maps for any stamps — it all helps! Love the new site.

  8. What a great tool for working with these stamps. And a good way to plan the shading on other images.

  9. Thanks for this very useful tool!

  10. I think you have a book in you. I’ve read tutorials and watched videos but am just not that good at knowing where to shade. I don’t have these stamps but do have Tim’s crazy birds, a cute Whippersnapper frog, etc., etc. These maps will be very helpful. Thanks!

  11. What a great idea! Just by looking at what you’ve done, you can get an idea of where you would need to shade your own stamps. But for those who haven’t had as much practice – they are a perfect aid. You are terribly generous to be doing this and you need to know who much you are valued – not just as a crafter/teacher/artist, but also for being a lovely generous soul. : ) Thanks.

  12. Love the new site. All that time and creativity really paid off. wow congrats..
    The shading maps r brilliant and I love that you r doing a sketch class. I’m signing up. Thank You

  13. This is ultra generous of you to share & its going to be super helpful. Thank u so much Sandy for your generosity, awesome videos & the free shading map download 🙂

  14. Ultra helpful! Thanks so much!!

  15. Thank you for these charts!! Even though I don’t have these stamps (just yet ) it will be so helpful for me to reference these when coloring other images!! I struggle figuring out shading and this was great!! Thanks so much!!

  16. Sandy, thank you so much for the lesson. You always have the most beautiful art. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Thank you so much, shading is such a difficult “concept” for me, but I want to learn. I appreciate your kindness in sharing this will all of us.

  18. What a great tool! Thanks for your kindness!

  19. This is so helpful – thank you!!

  20. PRAISE THE LORD – IT LETS ME LEAVE COMMENTS NOW! I’M SO HAPPY! I hated coming here and not leaving you love!

    1. YAYYYYYY!!!! Lydia love!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. What a supper helpful resource. Thank you. I always struggle with where to shade correctly, maybe if I practice with this I can get the hang of it to do on all my stamps.

  22. This is great! These shading maps will be pinned AND filed on my computer in my “Sandy” folder. Thank you so much!

  23. Thank you Sandy! They are an awesome idea and will help me when colouring any of the stamped images I adore. As I can’t get to any colouring courses and don’t have the pennies for the online ones these are really going to help me Karen x

  24. Thank you for the shading maps.

  25. Thank you so much for creating and sharing your Shading Maps, Sandy! They will be a huge help in building both my skills and confidence. You are such a wonderful teacher! Congratulations on your beautiful new website! I’m looking forward to your Scopes from CHA! ♡

  26. Thank you Sandy! I have always struggled with this. These maps will help A LOT!

  27. Oh my gosh but I wish you would do the Lawn fawn images! Oh and MFTs also. They always have such fun “coloring” images. TFS!! I love that you are doing these Sandy! (I loved it when I saw it on your Periscope also!)

  28. Love this. You rock. Thanks Sandy.

  29. Thank you so much Sandy! I still use the ones I received in class and these will be a nice addition!

  30. Thanks so much for this. I’ve been wanting to learn how to do this and your guides are a great start.

    Also, I love how the markers and pencils in your pictures show clear signs of use.

  31. I’ve learned a lot by mapping out the shading ahead of time, but sometimes I still get off track. It will be so nice to have these examples. Thank you again for your very generous spirit!

  32. OMgoodness! Shading maps, first time heard of and this is AWESOME. Sandy, love your video and this technique is something I will definitely try – THANK YOU!

  33. Aw, I ordered some of these as soon as they were released or I’d happily click on your links so you’d get a wee commission.

    As I LOVE Clearly Besotted and have ordered three of these sets, these shading maps will be invaluable, thank you so much.

    Congratulations on your new site and a very happy new year to you x

  34. Thanks for all you do. I would l I’ll keep to see shading in Hero Arts in particular Lil Hoot and Stitched Baby Animals.

  35. Fantastic idea! Skimming on my phone at the moment. Can’t wait to download on my computer. Would it be even more helpful to somehow mark where the light is coming from to help us to not just “copy” your shading, but to learn how?

    Thank you for being a breath of fresh air in my day:)

    1. There are little arrows on the sketches to show you where it’s coming from 🙂

  36. THANK YOu so Very Much..this is Super!!
    I have printed them and will leave them on my desk..I always have been just something…never knew how to do it …
    would love to see more..if possible..from companies as Mama elephant and also Altenew….
    Gorgeous coloring you did..which brand pencils did you use?
    groetjes Holly.

  37. Oh my gosh, this is just too awesome! For an artist like you, shading may be an easy thing, but for a non-artist like me, it’s always a challenge. Thank you soooo much 🙂

  38. How great are these shading maps? What a great idea, I struggle with knowing where to put the shading so I can see that these are going to be a great help. Thank you so much.

  39. Congrats on your new site! I imagined you doing the happy dance when I saw the email for this post since I knew it meant things were migrated and up and working.

  40. GREAT IDEA!!!! Thank you for this awesome tool! I will use this tool a lot to see how it can be adapted to all my coloring. THANK-YOU again!

  41. Thank you! Sandy, first your Hex Charts and now these shading maps! You are truly a gifted and very generous teacher. Thank you so much for these, as I have been struggling with shading and need some guidance.

  42. Sandy, Thank you so much for these. I absolutely loved the shading maps you gave us during our classes. I use them all the time as a reference for other stamp sets I have that are similar. You are the BEST!

  43. Everything’s perfect!

  44. AWESOME!!!!! Thank you so much Sandy!! This will really be helpful!!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  45. This is gonna be a great resource … thanks, Sandy! Really appreciate all you do for us!

  46. yay-your site is up! 🙂 this is SUCH a fantastic resource-thank you!

  47. Thank you Sandy! This is something i aleays struggle with. This map will come in handy.

  48. Thank you for this Fantastic tool.I needed this bad.Fabulous site Sandy.This is AWESOME. I’m going to look around bye

  49. Great idea! Very helpful! Thank you Sandy!!

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