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Setting up a Stamped Scene: Snowflake Grove Stamps


Stacey Yacula has done it again – given me so much cuteness to use for setting up stamped scenes! She designs stamp lines carried by Purple Onion Designs – and I love being invited to help share the darling images from Snowflake Grove with you! (They sent me the stamps I’m using, yay! I receive nothing from your purchases though – I just adore these stamps and want to share!)

Setting up 3 Stamped Scenes

Lots of you ask me about my thought process as I develop scenes on my cards….so today I’m treating you to three scenes! I didn’t film all the crazy masking, but instead you get to watch the coloring while I talk through how the scene came together, and why I put what where. Notes are below as well. Watch the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The tree stamp in the first card comes with all its bits – the path, the mushrooms. I split it to make it a taller tree and slip the sentiment in the middle. The order of stamping was first the bunny, then mask, then the house bottom with the white sentiment area masked off. I moved the house up so the window at the top was above where I wanted the sentiment…then added the sentiment itself. Glossy accents finished off the glass windows, the snow, and the path.Sandy Allnock Snowflake Grove 1

This one was more of a masking bit of craziness. The raccoon in front was originally going to be in the center in front of his little market stand, until I realized he’d disappear in all that detail. So moved him off to the side, and stamped him and the candy cane bin first. Next I masked both of those, and added the market stand, then inserted the items on the counter and the decorations. Once it was all done there was a vacant space on the upper right side – red flowers seemed too…..well, too much. So I went for white hearts instead, and added glossy accents on all the snow and candies and hearts.Sandy Allnock Snowflake Grove 2

The third card is round, with the moon at the center…the bridge is centered underneath it, and the sentiment on top, but the snowman isn’t centered – which makes it not only more interesting, but allows for that swoosh of sparkly snow (and Glossy Accents) to move around the open space.Sandy Allnock Snowflake Grove 3

Special sale

If you’re one of those with “must-have-it-all-itis,” there’s a special sale on just for you: $100 for the entire collection until November 4th! Here’s all that’s in it…perfect for making scenes! Snowflake Grove 2 - Sneak


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s projects; click on the wording to go directly to the item. Affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

22 thoughts on “Setting up a Stamped Scene: Snowflake Grove Stamps

  1. Love how you made the scenes using different stamps. TFS

  2. Love all of these little scenes! Such sweet cards and beautiful coloring! 🙂

  3. I love Stacey’s stamps and have many of them! I wish I hadn’t spent my Christmas stamp money already!! Sandy, you are a master at make beautiful scenes! I love watching your videos and hearing about your thought processes as you move through the videos. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

  4. They are all just beautiful Sandy. Thanks for the tips.

  5. I really love your work/art. Very skilled:) Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Such cute cards. I love how you set up the scenes. Thanks for sharing that information with us. Your coloring is great….as usual. Lovely card designs.

  7. I love this video! So helpful. I watched your periscope the other day about the differences between periscope and you tube. I really wanted to watch the 2 other videos at the end of this video. I was clicking all over the place and could not get to them. sometimes this seems easy, but a lot of times I just cant get to them. Do you have any suggestions? my computer skills really hold me back in so much of what I want to do in cardmaking. I am getting better.

  8. Love these cards! I think I’ll have to make another order to purple onion! How do you get the rubber images to work with the misti?

  9. I love how you colored this image! Purple Onion Stamps are so cute, but I rarely buy them. The company does not allow you to sell art work made with their stamps, and since I often sell my cards, I cannot use their products. So sad, but there it is.

  10. Wow! Beautiful cards, Sandy! I especially like the round card with the shading and the swirl of pixie dust…that makes all the difference!

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Love all three scenes, Sandy. I enjoy watching your work in progress so much. I admire your braveness when using bold colours – I tend to be kind of timid when I use dark colours. Delightful!

  12. Thank you for the tips on how to create a scene!! Your videos are always informative, but this one covers an area that I struggle with. Love the cards!

  13. Totally stunning! So glad I was able to sit and watch today because these cards and all of the tips about creating them were fantastic! 🙂

  14. Wonderful scenes! Love the snowman and the flurry

  15. I too find my fav to be the magical snowman. But, all are quite fb.

    1. That should be fab not fb. It’s the ipad gremlin at work.

  16. So excited for this release, love Stacey’s images! All your cards are fantastic! My favorite is the last with the stone bridge! Love the swirling snow, magical!!

  17. such sweet cards!

  18. I love the third card with the bridge and the swirly snow!

  19. Love Stacey’s designs, too, and you have really brought them to life here. Thanks for the video.

  20. Love Stacy Yakula’s little critters over at Purple Onion – and you bring them to life so nicely! Great idea juice here – thank you!

  21. Oh my goodness….such fun!

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