It’s been a really long time since anyone’s seen the Scrap Wrangler. But thanks to the generosity of my patrons – she’s back!


Translating Scrap Wrangler:

  1. Biggest toad in the pond – Scrap Wrangler’s the only Wrangler, so is clearly the biggest one.
  2. Barkin’ at a Knot  –  Bein’ upset over nothin’
  3. Greenbacks  – money
  4. That dog won’t hunt – That idea won’t fly!
  5. SER….somebody else’s ribbon.
  6. By hook or crook – one way or another
  7.  Cowpoke – a guy!
  8. Snug it up – tighten it
  9. Bang up – excellent
  10. Sticky as a beehive – sticky
  11. With a lick and a promise – shoddy work
  12. Pop yer corn – give me your opinion
  13. Shoot yer mouth off – leave a comment
  14. Varmint – another  creature
  15. Skedaddle – leave
  16. Up in a spout – in trouble
  17. Rattle up yer hocks – get going!

Want more Scrap Wrangler? Go become a patron, and leave your ideas on my patron activity wall. That’s where this idea came from! Below are stills of the cards shown…super simple ideas, hopefully ones that’ll help you use up some SER, and in nice flat ways that work great for OWH too!

Sandy Allnock - Scrap Wrangler Ribbon 1Sandy Allnock - Scrap Wrangler Ribbon 2Sandy Allnock - Scrap Wrangler Ribbon 3Sandy Allnock - Scrap Wrangler Ribbon 4Sandy Allnock - Scrap Wrangler Ribbon 5Sandy Allnock - Scrap Wrangler Ribbon 6

“Pop yer corn” in a comment below…how big is your pile, bag, or bin of scraps?