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Scenic Storytelling – Top Flight Stamps and Katzelkraft Chiens et Chats

It’s my birthday (Monday) – and while I’m gone all day taking day two of a watercolor workshop (hope nothing goes awry here on the blog in the meantime!), there’s a fabby hop to keep you busy! Let’s GO!

Topflight Stamps, LLC Grand Opening!!!

I’m excited to be part of a Grand Opening Bloghop with a new stamp retailer – Top Flight Stamps – and they’re bringing us some global FUN! For many of the online shops we buy from, it’s really hard to bring in stamps from all over the globe – that’s why you often don’t see them around. But when Top Flight Stamps reached out and asked if I’d spread the word … well, I know you guys love seeing “new things!” And even though today’s stamps aren’t “new” by any stretch of the imagination (years old), they’re new to ME and that’s what counts, right?

They also have an amazing Grand Opening Special Discount – 20% off ALL orders til March 31 – use code TFS-GO20 And, they offer FREE shipping for US addresses for orders over $50!!

NOTE: The stamps I used are out of stock – and won’t be back til April. We’ll all have to be patient for restocking on international stamps, this is why most US-based retailers don’t tend to carry them. BUT – Donna from TopFlight says you can email during this sale and tell her you want them, and she’ll honor the 20% off once the stamps come in.

Read on below for the bloghop and prize info – but I’m so excited, I wanna show you my project first! 🙂

Scenic Storytelling

In conjunction with sharing these new stamps, I’ll show you quickly how to mount unmounted red rubber on Ezmount – lots of international stamps are done this way to save on shipping. So they’re a little time consuming, to make up for trying to keep prices reasonable. But worth it! I’ll do some speed coloring – but then, the scenic storytelling begins. Lots of you want to do backgrounds, so I’ll chat a bit about how I get these things together, and maybe YOU will be inspired to do this with your stamps, too! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The stamp across the top is, I assume, a train station gate – so these three pups are dressed for travel! On the panel behind them I drew two pillars, and a bit of a train – although you can’t see much so I kinda wasted a bit of time there. Grey blobs might be more effective!

The grumpy cat….looks like me on some days. LOL. We’ve had so much rain lately, yeesh!

Mischievous kitties are ready to steal an ice cream sundae….I used to have a cat who LIVED for Double Chocolate Brownie by Dreyers. And that brand and flavor ONLY. He’d shove his whiskers right in my bowl – or turn his nose up if I didn’t have the right kind! For the scene I drew a table and chair, and the background picture could also be a window?

This hot dog is riding his razor scooter backwards AND in sunglasses. He’s truly too cool for school on his boardwalk ride! I used really light colors for the sand, water, and sky so they’d recede into the background.

And last but not least – a party! They’re all riding the little doggie – who looks just a bit puzzled! Often we’d let a stack of animals just sit on a plain background – but I added a simple rug, striped wallpaper, and pink trim to give them a “room” for their party. Baclgrounds don’t have to be hard!

Sleepy kitty looks a bit like me when the alarm goes off – AGH! Stop that noise! Especially today – it’s my birthday….and I’ll be at a watercolor class all day. Which is a good reason for an early alarm, but still….I’m with kitty, let’s sleep in tomorrow! 🙂

Hope you take some time to poke around on the Top Flight Stamps website – be sure to tell Donna I said hello! Don’t forget the 20% off sale good til the 31st – and FREE shipping once you hit $50!


Hop along and visit all the crafters on the hop – be sure to comment on ALL the blogs on the hop to be eligible for the GRAND PRIZE a $50 store credit!!!  PLUS – each of the designers in this blog hop are giving away a $10 gift certificate to one of the commenters on their post. I will announce my winner here on Monday, April 3. The $50 Grand Prize winner will be announced on the Topflight Stamps Blog on the same day. Good luck!!

Next stop on the hop: Rachel Kleinman!

Here’s the full list – go see what they all have to share!


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

102 thoughts on “Scenic Storytelling – Top Flight Stamps and Katzelkraft Chiens et Chats

  1. These are way too cute! You are incredibly talented.

  2. First, Happy, Happy Birthday. Secondly, I love your cards. They are all so darn cute. Excited about these stamps, I have already visited the site and picked out a few I need. Thanks for sharing your talents and inspiration with us.

  3. Love all the critters!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SANDY!!! OMG, the cards are amazing, I love your work. Ufff, j’habite en France et je ne connaissais pas Katzelkraft :O Je viens d’acheter les tampons, merci 😉

  5. Love all of these.

  6. Happy Birthday Sandy hope your day is fabulous. Well I never thought of a train station for that “1, 2, 3” stamp it shouted Olympic winners to me. I like the train station better.

  7. Adorable cards The stamps are great and your scenes are perfect for them. Cant wait to try setting scenes myself….. you are my inspiration.

  8. LOL. These cards are terrific! There is so much character in each card!!

  9. Happy Birthday! I’m excited to check out this new company. I can’t wait to go check out stamps from other countries. Thanks for introducing this company to me.

  10. Meow Meow and woof woof this translates to Happy Birthday Sandy. I’m drooling over your cards. 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday, love you video’s, hope you have a great time watercolouring!

  12. You, beautiful woman, always make me smile and want to try something different on every project I do! Thank you. .Cindy

  13. Happy Birthday Sandy!! Your cards are adorable! Love finding out about new stamp places.

  14. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you are enjoying your class today. Perfect way to celebrate!

  15. Thank you for all these inspiring cards ! I wanted to buy the cats and the dogs stamps, but I was too late :-((
    After seeing your cards, I know that I definitely, absolutely NEED them !!

  16. Sandy, you make everything come alive. I so wish I had your talent!

  17. Happy Birthday, Sandy! These little kitties are SO cute! Each card is a masterpiece–so bright and colorful and I love these fun images too! Beautiful inspiration today!

  18. WOW! what fun stamps! Thanks for the mounting info and watercoloring video!

  19. First off, Happy Birthday Sandy. And then on to the cards – oh, my goodness. So much fun! I should have expected you to find the animal stamps. Of course your coloring is perfect. Good luck on the water coloring.

  20. Happy Birthday Sandy! It’s fun seeing just where you will ‘place’ the stamps and each of these scenes is more creative than the next. We’re having a lot of rainy days and that grumpy cat sums up my sentiments exactly.

  21. Happy birthday Sandy 🙂

  22. Happy Birthday! As usual I love your cards!

  23. Thanks for sharing. Your work is always captivating! Can’t wait to get more from the companies that I have admired for so long…especially Katzelcraft!

  24. OMG! What awesome cards you made. Great job they are so adorable.

  25. OH my goodness Sandy…. The cat under the umbrella with it raining, I laughed so hard. I actually am having trouble stopping. I don’t know why it’s so funny to me but it is. Maybe it’s the cat’s expression, maybe it’s your story telling. Whatever it is thank you so very much for today’s post with everything that my family has been through since right before Christmas I really needed a really really good laugh and a really big smile on my face and you did that for me today!!! So thank you so very much to the bottom of my heart!!!!!
    Now with that being said I’m going to be in a lot of trouble because now I really do need all three of these stamp sets and possible the one of the birds!. LMAO!! I think I need to go to Stamps Anonymous!

    1. They aren’t at SA. These stamps are from France. From Katzelkraft.

  26. Your cards are adorable!!!

  27. Such awesome stamps! Love the cats and dogs and your scenes you’ve created are amazing as always!

  28. Happy Birthday. I liked your thoughts on the 1, 2, 3 because when I saw it I thought dog show winners. Goes to show you how we are created individually with different thoughts. Great cards as always.

    1. Yep…First,second and third place.

  29. Happy Birthday, hope you enjoy your class today, wish there was one I could take in person…But I did take yours and learned soooo much…Hope you enjoy your day…love easy backgrounds for cards, yours are always so great

  30. Joyeux anniversaire, Sandy! I took 3 years of French in high school, but switched to Spanish in College & almost minored in Spanish. Les chats et les chiens son tres magnifiques!

  31. HaPpY BiRthDaY, Sandy!
    Your daily email has taken me on this blog hop journey. Excited to see all the offerings at this new shop though you had me at critters! I’m a dog, cat, bunny, otter, hedgehog, pig, sheep, chicken kinda gal (hahaa! Animal lover!) as always, I love your work and enjoy following you! Looking forward to more info about your next class!

  32. Happy Birthday Sandy ! It’s always nice to have added choices in the crafting community , very excited to welcome you into my world .

  33. These cards are AWESOME, Miss Lady!!!

  34. I am totally slack jawed for 2 reasons. First, because we share the same birthday (Happy birthday to us both!), and second because these cards are absolutely incredible–the designs, creativity, coloring, dogs (my fave)–amazeballs! Big hugs, Kristina

  35. Cute stamp sets, love all your cards, very scenic.

  36. Happy Birthday, Sandy! I hope you will have a fantastic day! It’s going to be a fabulous week – starting with your birthday on Monday and finishing with my birthday on Friday 🙂
    Thank you for everything you share with us, always great inspiration!

  37. Happy, happy early birthday Sandy!! ♥ I have the kitty stamps, too, but boy-oh-boy am I glad I didn’t *attempt* to color them!! LOL!! 😉 You made them come to life and they look amazing. As does everything you do. You are such a gift to this community. Thank you for being you.

  38. I’ll have to wait to see your video but the samples are so cute! But hey, I actually like rain …to a point. ; ) Love the ice cream back story. As usual, your backgrounds are creative and amazing. And as always, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy your day ….everyday!

  39. I was so excited to watch this video and to learn about Top Flight (I all ready have the Chines and et Chats, and love them!) so went immediately to their site to place an order. After selecting a number of stamp sets (some I wanted were all ready out of stock) I went to my cart, added the discount code and then began filling in the rest of order form. Unfortunately, Top Flight has overlooked the US military communities that live overseas. Our APO equivalent ‘states’ (AE, AP etc) are not included in their drop down menu, so I was unable to place my order. 🙁 So disappointed. I hope they make a change and include us ASAP.

  40. Happy B Day to youThese are great vintages scenes. Amazing talent!

  41. Incredibly cool stamps… precursors to Tim’s crazy series… his inspiration perhaps? Loved the scenes you made with them!

  42. OH and forgot.. Happy birthday..Hope your day is all about YOU.. Hope you have a blessed day..

  43. So cute. I love these cute image. I wish they had dies. I was thinking the 2-1-3 was more of a platform like with the Olympics and the winners.. just my thought. I like you used as train station. these fur babies are so cute and you are so creative.

  44. Fantastic, as always

  45. Hi Sandy! Happy Birthday on Monday!!!
    OMGosh!!! These images are marvelous!! Your coloring is absolutely jaw-dropping awesomeness, of course and it is beyond inspiring!!!! What an incredible showcasing of these new products from Topflight Stamps!!! SUPER LOVE!!!!

  46. Wow! Great scenes to convey the stories.

  47. Happy Happy Birthday to you Ms.A!!! Hope your day, week, year ++++ is filled with joy and laughter! <3

  48. Cute stamps – love your backgrounds for these critters!

  49. Sandy, when leaving a comment for you I always seem to leave the same message which is “You and your craft/coloring is so darn AWESOME!” I love seeing your posts and viewing your videos. I have learned so much from you. Have a blessed week!

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