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Scene Tip: Creating a frame of trees


  1. YouTube subscribers got an early look at this video when it posted early – whoops!
  2. I still have a bunch of winners who never claimed prizes….the list has been updated HERE.
  3. Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday….please give a little something to a charity you care about! I’ll be giving to some causes that need some help right now: Puerto Rico relief, Saving Elephants, and since the CHIP program still hasn’t been renewed for kids – I’m going to give a chunk to St Judes. That’s just the start of my favorite season of giving…..on my posts for the first 12 days of December, I’ll highlight a charity and give to them that day. Feel free to pitch me your favorite in the comments on this post!

Scene Tip: Creating a frame of trees

One tip for a really easy scene: create a frame of trees around the focal image. Trees don’t have to be hard – scribbles can appear to be trees even if they’re not really perfectly done! Color a night sky with dark trees and you’ll convince the viewer; they’re looking at your image, not the background. Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The same idea can be done in a blue color scheme too….


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project. Compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

21 thoughts on “Scene Tip: Creating a frame of trees

  1. Wonderful scene.. you make it look so easy. I will have to try this.. BTW I received my awesome ornament. Thank you so much. I love it.

  2. Oh my goodness, what are you an fantastic artist. I loved your tutorial video. What a great way to make a winterbackground. I like the background with the deer the most, but the are both stunning!

  3. Always love your backgrounds. The charity I support is Compassion International, a Christian based organization that supports children in various countries. They provide after school centers, medical support, nutrition and parenting skills for the children’s guardians among many other things. I sponsor a child from Ghana with a monthly donation, but you can also donate to other funds they have. Probably not doing them justice with this description-

  4. Sandy, you are amazingly talented. This is wonderful!

  5. Love BOTH of these, Sandy, and your video (as always) is superb!!

  6. Love both your cards. I spotted that Penny Black santa, too, but decided I had enough Christmas stamps already.
    My husband I I decided to adopt an orphaned baby elephant this year as our Christmas gift to each other through

  7. Love your coloring techniques… especially going from a “hot mess” to a very professional-looking finished product!

    My favorite charities are Operation Christmas Child (just finished shopping for 2017 and already shopping for 2018!) and World Vision. Please advise your subscribers to thoroughly check out who they donate to, as I was giving sewing machines and water filtration systems to one organization for two or three years, and then learned that they have not been complying with one of the organizations that oversees these sort of things. I may never know if anyone actually received the items I paid for, and that breaks my heart. (Note, they HAD been complying when I first started donating, but then stopped and I hadn’t been checking up on them as I should have.)

    Wishing a very Merry and Blessed Christmas to all. Thank you for all of the fun blogs!

  8. The main thing I get from your videos is to try things and don’t be afraid to fail – it’s just paper and I can always do it over – and I redo a lot, LOL!! We have supported St. Jude’s for several years as much as we can and I also like Natalie Van Kirk’s idea of crocheting for cancer patients and, in particular, rural hospitals (very inspirational)! Thanks, Natalie!

  9. Its amazing!
    love it!

  10. Gorgeous cards, Sandy. I for one actually liked the warm grey on the scarf and coat. I ordered some more Copic Ciao markers from the UK this weekend. At only 2.24 GBP (2.98 USD) per marker they were too good a deal to miss. Your Hex Chart (and Edu series) came in very handy in deciding which individual colours to add to my collection and to look for alternatives for colours that are not available in the Ciao collection. Cannot wait to actually start colouring your Edu digis.
    Marianne x

  11. I love the backgrounds!

    My favorite charity is Convoy of Hope. They are frequently first responders to disasters. They were in place before hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit. We participate in their one day to feed the world where you give up 1 days salary and they are able to basically turn every 1 dollar into 7 (through corporate sponsorships).

  12. Ooh that Santa turned out fabulous Sandy 🙂 (love the tree framing too)

  13. Sandy, these two cards are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with tips and great ideas.

  14. Love, love these cards! I want those stamps! My charity is St. Sampson Medical Clinic . It is a free Rheumatology Clinic for those without insurance. It is an all volunteer run clinic from the two rheumatologists , nurse practitioner, nurses, IT staff, to the admin staff. This Once a month clinic is held in a church free of charge. We have seen so many dramatic changes in people from people being in a wheelchairs, being bed bound, in so much pain to now walking, being able to get a job, and taking care of their families.

  15. When I watch you work one word often comes to mind: brave. I always learn something good from your videos. Thanks.

  16. I am just getting started with backgrounds, and you are such an inspiration. Your classes will be a great help too! For giving, my main charity is Best Friends Animal Society. My handsome cocker spaniel was adopted from an associated rescue, and Best Friends has set out to make all shelters No Kill. They did marvelous work rescuing animals on the ground after Harvey and Irma and re-uniting them with their people whenever possible.

  17. I love your Santa and reindeer. I love the Santa too and was just creating a card with this stamp. I like your rendition way better. Great job, Sandy!

  18. I will definitively try it ! I’ve got some Purple Onion Designs stamps which would be perfect to use with such a fantastic background. I’ll just have to practice…..

  19. Since I can still able to lean back in my chair and swing a mean crochet hook, I make blankets, shawls etc. every day and am able to get them to one of our VA Hospitals. Then to get a little break from the heavier yarn, I make Chemo Sleep Caps, “Funky” Cancer hats and preemie burial outfits for a small rural hospital who seldom receive donations like the larger hospitals do.

  20. O think the red area near his belly is a glove. My cat, Billie White Shoes, enjoyed this video today. She loves crafting. Billie was wagging away watching you. Another new fan.

  21. Great idea for creating a background scene – and as you were working, I was thinking that maybe I could try this with watercolors, too… Cute stamp set, by the way – and I love your saying about something being a hot mess – until it isn’t! I’ve started using it in other areas of my life, because so many things work that way. One more item to thank you for!

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