Winners in the 75k giveaway will be notified by email today. I was going to publish names but…yeah, I didn’t collect names. Just email addresses. Which, obviously, I won’t go posting here for the hackers to find, eh? If I don’t hear back from any winners by the weekend, I’ll pick some new winners and send e-notifications. Congrats to all 20 who get packets of goodies, and the 4 who won the gift certificates! I’m putting together a quick video with the answers to the community survey for this weekend!


Hey friends – my apologies for the YT mispost the other day. Due to a mysterious YT upload issue (which I’m sure wasn’t user error, how could it have ever been? lol)….it was a patron-only video that went live for a few hours. Some of you got the notification from YT and then the video was missing …that’s why. It was a private video….an alternate version of today’s card, and I knew there were are few of my  YT trolls who wouldn’t be able to resist comments on some aspects of that one – and I hadn’t intended to subject myself to their critique. Unfortunately that video did go live – and the trolls hit it fast, because in just the little time it was up, there were lots of negativity and thumbs down. So yeah, that’s a thing. It’s part of being a YouTuber, and sometimes it’s not so fun. Lesson learned….check my YT settings more carefully. LOL! Now…on to the project for the day!

Rich Poinsettia Card – Avery Elle Holiday Bouquet

Every year I create a poinsettia card, methinks….this year is no different! This time it’s a beautiful rich background, with smaller flowers than usual…I think most poinsettias tend to be oversized but I like these smaller ones a lot, with all their extra leaves and berries! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

And on top of all this fun…it’s a completely flat card. Bonus eh!


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