We’re near the start of a new year – so I’m going to try revisiting a prior lesson I had posted on YouTube that included painting loosely. Of which I had no idea at the time I made it! ha! But first….

At the end of last year I was scrolling through my old social media posts and found some that were related to things I had made this past year. It was so encouraging to see my own progress! Apparently it was to many of the commenters too.

For today’s video I went back to what I think is my first watercolor on YouTube (not including marker techniques). It’s not a terrible project of course, but how would I paint poppies now?

Watch the video to see how I’d approach talking about getting looser effects – and see them in real-time action!

View on YouTube.

While this kind of project isn’t “easy” – it takes years of practice to get loose – it’s doable! Just remember, I paint every day; if you only let yourself have painting time once a week or once a month, your progress will be slower. Get out there and paint as much as you can!

One last thing….the glow of the sun…just YUM.


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