I came to this RENDR Sketchbook quite skeptical…will it bleed through? I haven’t found any decent no-bleed sketchbook papers! When I say I didn’t peek, I mean it – I waited til you saw it. I didn’t want seeing NO color or SOME color to influence how hard I was pushing the paper by putting a lot of color on. I was mighty happily surprised!

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Watch the video below or click HERE to view it on YouTube.

Part of what made me skeptical is that it wasn’t pricey. I thought it couldn’t be very good because it wasn’t a terribly high cost.

Then when I got it, it felt….icky. Like the texture of copier paper, but a little thicker. It IS a little bit grey, but I can get over that if it works otherwise…

Once I got busy with the Copics I realized how nicely they were gliding across the surface. I got no weird effects in the sky, which was what caught me off guard. Filling in large areas is ALWAYS hard with Copics, you get extra pigment when you cross one line over with another, creating glazed areas you didn’t intend. But that sky just ignored when I did that. It was pretty cool!

The photo is from the PMP site – Autumn Scene on the Farm by Suzanne Johnson. PMP is Paint My Photo – a place where people can upload their photos for artists to use. It’s free, but I’ve set up a monthly donation since I draw and paint from photos there a lot!