“I will remember the deeds of the Lord. . . ” —Psalm 77:11

This weekend I’ve gotten busy on the paper scrapbook—much more fun for me, even though I had fun sorting and uploading digital images. I just love playing with paper! The digital images are sorted, a subset is now on the church’s website to be shared, and my slideshow is ready for next week’s presentation. So now . . . I got to play in my craft room all day!

In this scrapbook, I want to not only document the photos I took, but also the spiritual learnings from each site, the devotional that was given at each site, Scriptures cited, and things the Lord spoke to me there. My notes aren’t as clear as I had hoped, unfortunately! I should have spent some time reviewing that as soon as I returned instead of so much time with the images; alas, live and learn!

However, I don’t know that I’ve ever had so much trouble with layouts before . . . maybe it’s because this is actually the first scrapbook I’ve ever done for me. Yes, I’ve never made one for myself. (I’m my worst client, I’m not satisfied with anything!) I started with the Jordan River layout and couldn’t figure it out, so I did these others first. They photographed terribly, the colors are much nicer than this; it’s all Basic Grey papers, no reason for them to look this strange! The Jordan layout is in progress now, though, hopefully I can finish it up tomorrow and post it.
The album (above) is from K&Co. The photo in the window is so cute—that’s me on the left in the sunglasses, and our whole busload is in the trolley car going up to Masada! One of our other travelers caught this shot—thank you, Susan!

This is the opening page above . . .
Maps and iconic images are from materials provided by the tour company, the words Israel 2007 are from the front of the travel brochure. Flag sticker from Stickopotamus, camel rubon from Far and Away, World Traveler sticker from K&Co.
This “Get up” page above is about Gideon Springs; the photo on the left shows the spring (and yes, I did drink from it!), and the one on the right is me with Julie—I was collecting the paperwhite flowers at this site, and she started “raining” them down on me! I wish you could see the flowers better in this layout. There’s also a subtle map included, with a brad showing the location where the Springs is located. You can barely see the little pocket on the lower right; it contains the “key” for the map listing all the parks on the map. If I ever go back to Israel, that might be helpful info so I wanted to save it.

Papers by Basic Grey (Lily Kate line). Dried flowers from Israel. Pocket made with a template punch from McGill Creativity.