RAWR! Neenah vs Blending Card

Over the years, lots of folks have asked me just what IS Blending Card and how does it differ from the Neenah I use? So I decided to show ya! There’s nothing wrong with either paper – but I’ll show you a side by side comparison with a simple image, and you can decide if you want to pick up a 10pack to try; it’s on sale, FYI. #justsaying! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The Neenah is a more absorbent paper, a warmer white, and colors appear darker and richer. Edges of strokes seem to be softer.

Blending card (why isn’t it “cardstock”?) is a thinner paper, a cooler white. Colors seem lighter, but can be intensified with more coloring. Edges of strokes seem to stay more crisp.


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