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RAWR! Neenah vs Blending Card

RAWR! Neenah vs Blending Card

Over the years, lots of folks have asked me just what IS Blending Card and how does it differ from the Neenah I use? So I decided to show ya! There’s nothing wrong with either paper – but I’ll show you a side by side comparison with a simple image, and you can decide if you want to pick up a 10pack to try; it’s on sale, FYI. #justsaying! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The Neenah is a more absorbent paper, a warmer white, and colors appear darker and richer. Edges of strokes seem to be softer.

Blending card (why isn’t it “cardstock”?) is a thinner paper, a cooler white. Colors seem lighter, but can be intensified with more coloring. Edges of strokes seem to stay more crisp.


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13 thoughts on “RAWR! Neenah vs Blending Card

  1. Thanks for the article post.Really thank you! Great.

  2. I have used Neenah, but in your comparison, I actually like the blending card better.

  3. Hi Sandy,

    A great video tutorial to compare two different cards with the same medium. I wonder whether the card would react the same with a different type of the same medium such as Spectrum Noirs for example? I love your video tutorials Sandy I learn so much from you every time I watch you. :O)

  4. Thanks for the comparison, I have Neena, no Copics but sheeper Alcohol Markers ( I don’t use them so much, I love pencils) and the don’t work ad Neena. So perhaps I have to try the Blending Card.
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. Dear Sandy,

    I am writing regarding YouTube providing NRA TV. I hope that as an influential entrepreneur & business woman with what appears to be Christian values, you will oppose YouTube.

    At this time, I will no longer use YouTube.


  6. Thanks for showing the comparison. I don’t use either. I’d like to use Neenah but its so expensive. Thanks for the video.

  7. Thank you so much for doing this comparison! I had wondered if I was missing anything by not using the xpress paper. I now don’t feel like I am. I think the Neenah looks much better when you see them side by side and I’m going to continue to use it. Thank you ! I have learned so much from you by watching your videos.

  8. Sandy, I would be in the camp asking what a blending card is. Thanks for the intro, but I think Neenah will work just fine for me. As for those two dino cards…. RAWR-able!

  9. I started on neenah but took classes with a teacher who taught on Express It Blending Card. So I learned both. I prefer blending card. I think it blends easier. In my opinion, perhaps you tried to hard to be fair? …. perhaps it’s not too important to use the same number of strokes…. I don’t think anyone would mind if it took 1-2 more strokes. If it did, but looked better than Neenah, we will never know. I think we can just all agree that we are grateful for choices! Get a small pack of Express It Blending Card and try it, you might like it!

    1. Did you learn dark to light on the xpress it ? I read a blog that the x press it works better when you use that technique. I bought a bunch of it but am in the middle of a move and am now wondering if I should have gone with the Neenah instead.

  10. I prefer Neenah… but I use the Blending cards for my digital stamps, as I can’t get the heavier yardstick to go through my laser printer! Good info here!

  11. Glad I didn’t waste my money on the blending card. Thanks for the comparison!

  12. Great video. Thanks for the comparison.

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