With all that’s going on in our world right now – it’s time to tackle those fears and wrestle them down. It’s too easy to get paralyzed! I’ve got another 2 ideas for you this week in what is becoming a weekly encouraging series of art projects. Yes, I’m in this right alongside you, and I have fear to fight, too!

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I’ve seen people posting and commenting about this season – some are excited about having all this “extra time” (I’m assuming the folks who don’t have to work while at home)…and no mojo to fill it! When I’ve got extra time I’ve always got a project to tackle – or a medium to dive into.

In my practice pieces I’m using HP photo paper – way cheaper per sheet than yupo or other crafty papers. I also bought these sets of Ranger inks: Pink/Red Spectrum, Teal/Blue Spectrum, Mint/Green Spectrum, Indigo/Violet Spectrum, Conservatory and Mariner. I have more inks coming that I’ll test out from other manufacturers too, so I can see if they all do perform the same or not. As well as Copic reinkers, which I have lots of too!

Enjoy my chatty little video, then scroll down to read more!

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Sending happy mail

Writing out cards and mailing them to people is good for them – AND for you! It lets people know you care. It gives them something exciting in their mailbox besides bills and sales flyers. And it gives YOU warm fuzzies, gets your mind off your troubles, and can get you thinking about what you love about the friends and family you’re writing to!

A few tips:

  • If you’re sending a seasonal or birthday card, be sure to give it more time than usual. Who knows whether mail will slow down or not if our carriers and mail sorters have encounters with the virus! Don’t get mad…get early!
  • Use a wet sponge to seal envelopes instead of licking them. Keep your germs at home!
  • Afraid of your own mail? Not a huge threat, but you can still be extra safe. Paper is porous (as is cardboard) so researchers say it could maintain virus for up to a day. Plastic and metal (nonporous surfaces) can last 72 hours.
    • Cards are likely fine, but if you’re really worried, lay your mail out on the back porch in the sun for a day. The sun rays are an EXCELLENT disinfectant!
    • You can do the same with Amazon packages. Bring them to the porch wearing gloves (the cardboard is porous so probably not dangerous), and remove the plastic bubble wrapping. Wipe down any plastic from your purchase well before opening. If worried, leave it out in the sun a few days.
    • And of course wash your hands when interacting with the outside world! You don’t need to if you’re just in your own house and touching your own non-contaminated things.
  • Send notes especially to the elderly. Let them know they’re not forgotten. As the ones doing the most of the dying from this virus, they’ve got to be scared. Send some happy smiles to them!

Try Something New

Taking up a new medium or technique will ENTIRELY get your mind off your troubles! You’ll be either intensely thinking through processes, or wowed by the effects!

  • Go watch that video you saw last year and promised you’d try.
  • Take a class you have been thinking about!
  • Try a new medium that’s still in its packaging awaiting you to get it out and test it!
    • Don’t get lost in swatching yet – let yourself PLAY!
    • Try it on different papers you have.
    • Try it with different blending solutions/pens/pencils to see what you can discover.
    • Don’t stress yourself out by stamping something to color first. Let yourself play with a background and see what the medium can do!
    • After you’ve had a go, THEN you can go watch videos and see what others do. See if you tried something no one else has!
  • Do the above steps with a medium you already know – see if you can push it beyond what you always thought it could do!
  • Share it online! Give someone else the idea to try new things too!


I kept the card designs simple – the paper I used was 4 x 6 so I trimmed them down on the left and right side to 5-1/2″, and did shave off a little top and bottom where ink pooled on the edge. Then added a sentiment that’ll work great for cards to send to anyone from my favorite sentiment set lately – Totally Random Sayings. (Which works well with my “totally random vlogs” right?!?)

For each card, The white on the top and the bottom really set them off beautifully like little pieces of art!

I stamped the sentiments then hand-cut the banner edge. This one is in Catherine Pooler Queen for a Day, my new favorite ink….

…and this is ALSO the same Queen for a day ink! It looks more purple on a card with purple, and blue on a card with blue. LOVE that!

If there’s a “dead” spot that didn’t work out as well – add your sentiment there!

And of course using dimensional adhesive not just under the painted panel but under the sentiment sets them off as super special cards!


So I asked 2 questions in the video….one about the solution, the other about the airbrush system I’m using. Know that I’m hoping to find something that’ll be under $30 total. I want something with the kind of control I get with the airbrush, so…..wish me luck!

  1. Have you noticed a performance difference between the Ranger alcohol blending solution and isopropyl alcohol? I haven’t yet but it could be because I’m using mostly the photo paper.
  2. If I turned these techniques I’m developing into a class, would that interest you AND be affordable? Meaning…do you already have the copic airbrush system? What would be needed to use it:
    1. Compressor – Other brands may work too.
    2. Cord, $8
    3. Airbrush gun, $35 OR a regular airbrush gun $19


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