How many times have we wished we had THE perfect sketchbook that suited all of our needs? The manufacturers can’t anticipate every single artist – so they end up making books that serve what they hope is a majority. And we dutifully oblige, we buy it, we try it, and…well we end up with a ton of them because none are perfect in and of themselves.

But guess what? We’re artists. We can create things. Even sketchbooks!

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I found this Tul notebook a few weeks ago in an office supply store (it comes in other colors and sizes too)- and they’re also on Amazon since you can’t go out during the quarantine.

And since it’s Friday. It’s quarantine season. It’s random art chat day. While I show you my custom-just-for-me sketchbook, I’ll paint some tulips and doodle a bit, and talk about those dreaded “mistakes”!

View on YouTube.

My tulips were painted on Arches cold press – and while the end result was a bit more labored than I wanted, I was in general pleased with the looseness I achieved….and even more importantly I learned a TON!

This doodle is still underway…big thanks to Miles Davis for being an inspiration….I wish he was still with us making music! But fortunately we have his recordings for all time. I’ll be finishing this drawing in coming days so stay tuned to my social media to check it out soon.

A little more on the notebook: two of the things I really like about it are the 1) sturdy construction and 2) multiple holes, so I can put snippets of sketches in here without them being all floppy in a 3 ring binder. The notebook and punch aren’t cheap though – you can certainly get a nice 3 ring to make a custom sketchbook for yourself!


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