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Rainbow Challenge – with some friends!

I was tagged for the Rainbow Challenge by Marika – one of my patrons. So I decided to not only take her up on it, but to challenge a bunch of other people too. So we’re having our own little hop in this bonus post!

Watercolor Inlay Diecuts – Rainbow Challenge

I’ve had the All Inside stamp and die sets for quite a while, and they’ve been in my “USE ME SOON!” box. Well now, I used them, wheee! I am a stamping nooglehead, as I’ve said before, so I decided to stamp *just* the face of the bear and save myself all that alignment. I used my MISTI to make it happen, and then watercolored my heart out! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

The card is nice and flat with just the heard and hands having a little dimension 🙂Sandy Allnock Rainbow Challenge 1

On the inside, I stamped my sentiment from another Essentials by Ellen set, and added a little diecut Bitty Envelope that I watercolored.
Sandy Allnock Rainbow Challenge 2


I challenged my patrons to jump in on the Rainbow Challenge – and had a few takers. Please go leave them some love! I’ll be choosing 5 random commenters on Wednesday night to get a little pack of crafty treats in the mail, so be sure to go leave comments all over! 🙂


Below are links to the supplies I’ve used for today’s project; compensated affiliate links may used, which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support toward the costs of running this blog! Read more.

69 thoughts on “Rainbow Challenge – with some friends!

  1. Stunning card. You need to send yourself the card since you have a heart of gold.

  2. This is adorable Sandy! I enjoy watching you work as you not only have every new thing to work with, you know just what to do WITH it! Sadly, all I have for water colours is like a child’s Crayola set of maybe 9 colours! LOL I live vicariously through you where crafting is concerned! HAHA Keep it coming…

  3. Hi Sandy, I’ve been binge watching your YouTube videos ever since I came across your channel a few weeks ago ;-D I’d like to say a huge thank you for being so amazingly inspiring! And for always cheering me up!

    Yesterday was a very long day with a huge birthday party and my kids going crazy in the afternoon, so I actually fell asleep as soon as they were in bed – just seconds after starting to watch this video. And the last thing I remember thinking was “WOW!!! Must. Watch. First. Thing. In. The. Morning.” What a perfect, cheerful start into a rainy day over here in Germany 😉 I think this is my favorite card ever!

    Sending a huge smile across the pond

    1. Hi Andrea and girls ! Just saw your comments 🙂 I have been binge watching Sandy too! I love her and card making demos and projects. I’m a retired teacher and was in a deep depression when I found card making. What a godsend! I’ve been so much happier! Have so many new “people” in my life, and the depression is almost gone. I just love this hobby. It attracts so many lovely. Kind. Funny. Fun gals to it!! It’s so nice to have something fun to look forward to! This bear project is so happy and uplifting isn’t it??!! I’ve watched it 6 times already, I swear,. I just love Sandy’s videos, what a great gal. I get so excited about stamps, dies, cute, lovely projects and it is so nice to know other gals get just as excited! I’m not weird, yay!! Anyhow. Just thought I would say hi and let you all know I loved and could really understand your comments! P.s. I was a grade one teacher for 30++ years. I know how tired Andrea must have been yesterday! Teaching 28+ 6 year olds is like hosting a birthday party every single day, lol! I was missing it though. Kids are tiring but wonderful too. Thanks for your comments and sharing. Veronica (

      1. Hi Veronica,
        I teach English for specific purposes, mostly at university, so all my students are adults. I’m often asked why I don’t teach at school, and the answer is I just don’t know if I could do this! I’m in awe of everyone who is brave enough to stand up in front of a class of kids to be their teacher, mentor, guide, role model and so much more! So thank you for doing this challenging job! 🙂
        For me also, crafts are the best remedy when I’m stressed or feeling down or anxious. I sew, crochet, decorate cakes, make cards, draw, paint, take photos, craft with my kids (4yo twin boys)… Sometimes it’s all a little overwhelming (especially since I started working on a freelance basis again), so recently I’ve tried to squeeze in just watching a card making video whenever I have a little break. It’s almost as relaxing as digging into my craft supplies and making something myself 😉 Especially if the videos are as cheerful as Sandy’s videos!!! And I’ve just fallen in love with this little bear card, I think I’ll watch it a couple more times, too 😉
        Wishing you all the best! Happy crafting 🙂

        1. Hi there. Andrea! Thanks so much for your comment!! I appreciate the acknowledgement so much! I taught grade one for most of 30 years ( some kindergarten too). I loved my job, the kids, their parents. I put my whole self into my job. I didn’t know how else to be! I’m so thankful you get that picture. I haven’t had any such acknowledgement. In the end j just burnt out. My health broke down badly and I’m actually on permanent disability. I’m 59! Teaching grade one you have to be perfect 100% if the time, to the children their parents. You have to be everything good and right and patient and understanding and strong. You can’t be sick or tired ever. Because everyone depends in you. I always fell in love with my students and their families. I would go to great lengths to make everyone happy. At the end of every year I spent the first weeks of July mourning the “end” of those relationships. I know, right??! I’m a very emotional person ( sigh). In the end I just couldn’t do it anymore. Like I said, I burnt out. I have multiple health problems now. Oh well. I don’t regret any of it. I would do it all over again, would go back to that job, if I was suddenly given my health back. But I’ve filled the void with card making. I also love cake decorating!! Baking. Cooking. And my own kids (29, 26). But they don’t need me at the moment. Also creating a void. They aren’t married, no grandkids ( yet??). My husband works full time still. What’s a girl like me to do??? Right? Hence the JOY when I found card making Anyhow, thanks from the bottom of my heart for your comments, Andrea. I truly appreciate the time you took to share!! Hugs, Veronica.

  4. This is amazing! Gorgeous card and so sweet! Love it ♥

  5. Oh how sweet! Your blending of the rainbow colors is so seemless! Beautifully done and thank you for the video!

  6. Oh wow another gorgeous card Sandy, I love that little bear, he’s so cute. I spend hours watching you paint and it always makes me want to get my crafty stuff out and practice so thank for you all your hard work.


  7. This card is so cute. I love the rainbow, the watercolor makes it look so real!

  8. What a good idea to use up my water Color work I don’t want to sell

  9. This is an awesome card. So pretty. If people knew how much effort and love that crafters put in their work they would be amazed.

  10. Cute card love the bear.

  11. Sandy, I just love this adorable scene and those inlaid designs! So glad you thought of the rainbow hop and very happy to have been invited to play along. 🙂

  12. Love the inlaid dies! Great way to highlight the pretty watercolors.

  13. What a neat idea! Always some new inspiration!

  14. Love it !

  15. I love the way you fuss over the shadowing. It really makes the card pop.

  16. I love your card I would never had thought to do an inlay. TFS

  17. How creative. Never would have thought to do an entire panel inlay. Usually one or two pieces. This is great.

  18. This is such a pretty watercolor card, what a fun inlay technique too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. I’ve had these cute stamps and dies forever( over a year!!) But, didn’t know what to do with them ( I’m relatively new to stamping). So this all just sat on my desk collecting dust!! SO HAPPY TO FIND YOU, Sandy, And your SWEET CARD !! Thank you so much! P.S. I also have a stash of Danielle Smith watercolor paints in exactly those colors!! Woo Hoo! Talk about a Fabulous Day today!!! Hugs! Veronica Rohm ( CANADA

  20. Love the beautiful scene you created Sandy! Thanks for the inspiration and another great video!

  21. Really cool technique. Would love to try it!

  22. I started a card for the challenge, but didn’t get it finished (& I’m behind on my Jumpstart homework too) and yet here I am on the computer looking at everyone else’s productivity. Love all the inlays on your cute card.

  23. Love all the inlaid dies and the nontraditional rainbow painting!

  24. Such a cute card and so well explained too! Thanks Sandy.

  25. I love the inspiration. Thanks.

  26. Love the inlay technique

  27. Love the soft texture. Working on my 2nd watercolor from your paint-a-long series. Thanks for the videos!

  28. Such a fund card!

  29. I too am relatively new to stamping and die cutting.I am amazed & thrilled at how much incredible talent is out there!! You guys rock!!

  30. I’m relatively new to stamping/die cutting and have never seen inlaid die cuts before. What a cool idea!

  31. What a cute card! I especially like how the purple is featured in the trees and ground. Very interesting!

  32. Wow, I like how you combine lots of techniques into one card. They play happily all together in a beautiful rainbow world. Thanks for making my day!!

  33. I watch all of your water coloring videos, my only hope is that one day I can be half as good!!

  34. Just so adorable. I love the little bear with the heart in his hands…paws. Just makes me smile. Thank you for the sweet card design.

  35. Love how you made a scene and that the pieces were inlayed. The heart is cute in the bears paws. TFS

  36. I love the happy colors!

  37. That is so beautiful! Love the rainbow colours on your card. So organic and so unique

  38. Sandy, what a genius idea–and of course so very pretty!! I’m going to try this technique on some of my “cards for kids at camp” work…heaven knows I have quite a stash of match dies these days–and I love the look you’ve achieved with your watercoloring.

  39. Very pretty Sandy! I love a rainbow colored world! 😀 TFS

  40. A couple of the links didn’t work, and some would not let me comment. Just letting you know! But it was fun to see so many great ideas.

  41. I learned about inlaid die cutting first from Jennifer McGuire and now I love using that technique. Thanks for sharing your beautiful cards and for the giveaway!

  42. So darn adorable! I especially love the trees! Looks like both a lot of work and a lot of fun to do! Thank you.

  43. Amazing…love it..thank you!

  44. Such a sweet card! I love this happy card and enjoyed watching you create it on your video!

  45. Cute card! Thanks for the links to the others.

  46. Just lovely, Sandy! ♥ Your soft watercolors on the textured paper and simple shapes are reminiscent of a children’s storybook. This couldn’t be any sweeter!! Off to hop along… ♡

  47. Love the inlay die cuts. They add so much dimension to a card. Beautifully done and I am inspired.

  48. What a fun card…your watercoloring is stunning!

  49. Great video and very nice card…love the inlay design.

  50. I like the scene you created on your card! Very creative!

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