Otterly Cozy Winter Card

This card is one that got so many requests on Instagram that I relented…lol! I’ve done water a lot, but not with an icy landscape above, so here we go with that – also, I made it a little differently than the original card, with different colors and with more of a Valentines theme. Love stamp sets that can do multiple seasons! Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

And out of curiosity, I wondered what a group of otters is called – and unironically…it’s called a “raft”!!! I bet if they were all floating on the surface together that’s what they’d look like, eh?

Here’s the original card from Instagram….with floating candy canes!

Today’s charities

I like to support charities that make a difference in areas I’m interested in. One, of course, is the Otter Project! I absolutely loved my trip to the Monterey area last year and seeing the otters – and this org protects them and educates us about how we can help. Donate here.

The other that I donated to today is Wikimedia Foundation –  the nonprofit behind Wikipedia! I used them to find out about the otter raft….and that’s when I was reminded that at this time of year I give them some money because I look things up on their site all. year. long! They also publish a yearly If you can remember the last couple things you found on Wiki, go give them at least a couple bucks!


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