Hello friends and happy WEEKEND! I’m off at an Illustrated Faith class all day but will be checking in on my phone if I can. Well, you know how likely that is, right? lol. Anyway….some updated info!

  • PERISCOPE Q&A! I broadcast yesterday afternoon (pacific time) – it’s be available HERE til this afternoon (Saturday). You can see a peek at some class materials as I flip through the book full of resources. And I answered a number of questions I’ve seen posted, which I also added those answers below and to the main blog post HERE. I’ll probably be doing more Q&As in the coming month for those with more questions, so stay tuned for all that. Here are the top questions so far:
    • Do I have to be there at a special time? No. It’s not broadcast live – you can watch anytime.
    • Will I have ongoing access? Yep! As long as this website is here, the class will be here for you. Save those emails with the link and password and you’ll be good to go.
    • Can I download the videos? I’m going to try that after all. I had a really bad experience last year with someone swiping copies of my videos and posing as me on a new channel, and I’m extremely nervous about that. But if y’all pinky swear not to do that….then I’ll make the videos downloadable.
    • Can I get a list of markers so I know how bad the budget will be hit before I sign up? You can go to THIS page, it’s mostly the list that I’ll be using throughout class. But – in preclass I provide a list of alternate colors for MANY of them, so you may have plenty of those colors. If you get into preclass and realize there’s just no way you can make it work, email me and I can refund your money. No harm no foul!
    • How about other supplies, like stamps? For the stamped cards I’ll be showing, you do NOT have to have those stamps. You may well have something in your stash that’ll work. In preclass you can see sneak peeks, and I’ve added a little description of other images that can work to practice the same skill on that card.
    • Can I use other alcohol markers? Honestly I don’t know. I have two people who are going to try it with SN markers and see if the techniques work, but many of these ideas are color- and nib-dependent, so I can’t make promises. If you’d like to wait for my “guinea pigs” to go through the first round, I’ll get a report back from them and let you know what they say, ok?
    • What if I have zero Copics? Is there a short list of what I really need? On the preclass page, I’ve added a couple options for you.  It’ll hamstring you on a few things if you have so few pens (about 16 markers are in each option) – but remember, you can come back and “re-take” the class anytime. So once your birthday comes, and Mother’s Day, and be nice to your wife day, and Christmas…well by then you’ll have plenty of colors right? *grin*

Cool new graphic for your pinning pleasure

Some of you stayed tuned to yesterday’s blog post long enough to check out the new blending groups graphic – others missed it in the excitement to start class! lol. So be sure to go add it to your pinboard. Click HERE or on the image to go see!


My deepest apologies.

I saw some very unkind comments among my viewers on YouTube yesterday, and they’ve been handled. I am so sorry for those affected. I love you guys. I’m protective of my peeps…and I hope everyone will be playing nice now. 🙂