I think we may have reached “that” point in quarantine. I’m starting to goo for all kinds of crazy ideas! These came out so cute, and I’ll be delivering them to neighbors – just dropping it off on the porch without a note. Just to help spread some cheer! Fortunately it’s a week with no rain in the forecast so I think it’s safe to just leave them outside for folks.

This project was inspired by a bunch of little wooden balls in my closet stash…for decades, I’ve always wandered down the wood and papier-mâché aisles, picking up things that I think “someday” I’m going to paint and make something wonderful with them. Uhm, well, why not do it in a quarantine?

You may not have what’s in my stash – the little wood balls or pots – but I bet you have rocks! And dixie cups! And paint! See how I made them:

View on YouTube.

It’s so easy – paint a base coat of white if you wish, or do like I did and just dive in with color! (Most any acrylics should work fine.) Pick a few greens out of your paint stash. Create designs with white paint or pens.

After the rocks are painted, then prepare some containers. See what you have in the gardening shed! If only large ones, pick some bigggg rocks, LOL! You can paint even those plastic pots with acrylics, so wash them up and add color!

If you’re making these for quarantine gifts like I did, you may have a sentiment in your stamp collection that works for the part “B” of the little paper signs – it can be anything encouraging! You can handwrite “Quarantine succs!” by hand above the sentiment. Add toothpicks with tape – and dirt or rice to the containers! There are lots of adaptations I bet you’ll think of. Be sure to tag me on instagram with whatever you come up with, I would love to see!